Is Maxxine Dupri Real Sister Of LA Knight? Family Tree Explored

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The captivating world of professional wrestling often needs to be clarified. For instance, fans mistake American wrestler LA Knight and Maxxine Dupri as siblings. However, their mesmerizing on-screen connection is purely a product of the compelling storylines crafted within the realm of WWE.

Shaun Ricker, known as LA Knight in WWE, is an American professional wrestler. He gained fame in Impact Wrestling as Eli Drake before joining WWE.

Ricker began his wrestling career in 2003. He later signed with WWE’s NXT brand under Slate Randall but was released in 2014. 

American Professional Wrestler LA Knight
American Professional Wrestler LA Knight (Source: Instagram)

In 2019, he joined NWA and won the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Ricker returned to WWE in 2021 as LA Knight and performed in NXT before moving to the main roster.

He had a storyline where he became a Max Dupri talent agent but later reverted to his LA Knight persona. Ricker also appeared on The Hero reality series and had a guest role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

LA Knight Sister

Maxxine Dupri is an accomplished American professional valet. Hailing from the United States, she has made a name for herself in the WWE and is presently associated with the SmackDown brand. Her real name is Sydney Jeannine Zmrzel.

In 2022, Dupri surprised wrestling fans with a brief backstage appearance, where she introduced herself as the Director of Talent for Maximum Male Models.

LA Knights, Previously known as Max Dupri's Storyline Sister Maxxine Dupri
LA Knight (Previously known as Max Dupri)’s Storyline Sister Maxxine Dupri (Source: Instagram)

This unexpected revelation piqued the viewers’ curiosity, as they were intrigued by her newfound role behind the scenes.

Adding to the intrigue, it was revealed that Maxxine was also involved in an on-screen storyline as the “sister” of Max Dupri. However, Max was later taken off the show. 

Therefore, Maxxine Dupri is not the biological sister of LA Knight. 


The talented professional wrestler, LA Knight, has an intriguing backstory that encompasses his family history.

Born as Shaun Ricker on November 11, 1982, Knight hails from the wrestling hotbed of Los Angeles, California.

While information about his immediate family is limited, he is suspected of having a close relationship with his parents and siblings. He is the youngest of three children. 

Growing up, Knight developed a passion for wrestling, ultimately leading him to pursue a career in the industry. Knight’s family is believed to have been a consistent source of support and motivation throughout his journey.

Similarly, regarding his girlfriend, Knight took to Facebook on his personal life on May 26, 2020, to express his heartfelt sentiments to his girlfriend, Michelle Yavulla.

In his post, he acknowledged being a few days late but extended a heartfelt happy 2nd anniversary to the incredible woman.

LA Knight With His Girlfriend
LA Knight With His Girlfriend Michelle (Source: Instagram)

He openly admitted that he may not always be the perfect partner but wholeheartedly strives to be. Knight described the woman as unique, someone he loves deeply and cherishes their shared journey.

As part of their anniversary celebration, they enjoyed a delightful sushi dinner date at the renowned Chateau D’Home, further adding to their cherished memories.

While Knight keeps his personal life relatively private, his professional persona as LA Knight exudes confidence and charisma inside the ring.

As a fan-favorite performer, he continues entertaining wrestling enthusiasts with his unique style and larger-than-life personality.

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