Mayar Sherif Husband: Is She Married? Parents & Family

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Mayar Sherif, a professional tennis player from Egypt, made history in June 2023 by reaching No. 31 in the WTA rankings, thus becoming the highest-ranked Egyptian tennis player in the Open Era.

Following this, tennis fans are curious about her personal life, family, and including her husband!

Sherif is one of her country’s few professional tennis players to compete in the Open Era.

Despite that, her performances in the last few years have garnered her so much attention that she has become one of the most famous tennis stars worldwide.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about Mayar and her family!

Egyptian Professional Tennis Player Mayar Sherif
Egyptian Professional Tennis Player Mayar Sherif (Source: The National)

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Mayar Sherif was introduced to tennis at a young age. Growing up, she idolized Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters and practiced the game, watching her style of play.

Mayar was number one in Africa during her entire junior career. She moved to Spain at 15 to practice tennis with the young Spanish coach Justo Martinez Gonzalez.

Furthermore, Mayar debuted in the Grand Slam in 2020, playing against Czech player Karolina Pliskova in the French Open.

She made history as the first Egyptian woman to win a Grand Slam match by defeating Chloe Paquet in the first round of the 2021 Australian Open.

Mayar Sherif Husband: Is She Married?

The Egyptian tennis athlete Mayar Sherif is not married, and she is not dating anyone at the moment.

Aside from glimpses of her professional life, she has not shared anything on her social media handle.

Overviewing her Instagram handle, one can mostly see posts that only highlight her on-court moments and, sometimes, pictures from her vacations and family reunion.

Moreover, there has never been much gossip regarding her relationship in the media in all these years. 

Mayar Sherif
Mayar Sherif (Source: Vogue Arabia)

People only know her through her professional career because she has kept her personal life private for a long time.

Analyzing her history, she has never been in a romantic relationship, even when she was in college. So, most probably, Mayar wanted to focus all her initial years on improving her game without any distractions.

She is also entirely invested in uplifting her already-established career and does not want to engage in talks about her love life.

She may be dating someone but prefers not to share the information at this time. Whatever there is, only she knows for now.

Mayar’s Parents And Sisters

Mayar Sherif Abdel-Aziz, better known as Mayar Sherif, was born to her parents, Amal Thabet and Sherif Ahmed, on May 5, 1996, in Cairo, Egypt.

She was raised together with her three siblings, Rana, Dalyan, and Rawan, by her parents. Despite belonging to a prominent family in Egypt, the society in which Mayar grew up was conservative.

She remembers dreaming about being an athlete was not that easy in Egypt, and she played under a lot of pressure during the early stages.

Mayar Sherif With Her Sisters
Mayar Sherif With Her Sisters (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, her parents supported their daughters. They loved watching the game, and Mayar feels happy admitting that they were the ones who made her fall in love with tennis.

Mayar’s success in tennis led to her older sister, Rana Ahmed, playing professionally and as a collegiate player at Fresno State.

4Besides, her other sisters, Dalyan and Rawan, played tennis at the national level.

When Mayar decided to move to Spain around 2009, her parents did not hesitate to send her there.

She later moved to the United States and completed her bachelor’s studies in Sports Medicine, where she honed her basketball skills at Pepperdine.

Throughout her career, she has traveled extensively and played tennis in various parts of the world.

Sherif knows her parents will cheer up for her wherever she goes and competes and wish for her victory.

Her parents dreamed of her representing Egypt internationally; now that she is doing it, they could not be more proud of their daughter. They recently traveled from Cairo to Spain to watch her play in the 2023 Madrid Open.

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