Meet Aslan Karatsev Parents Kazbek Karatsev And Svetlana Karatseva

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Aslan Karatsev Parents come from different ethnic backgrounds and professional lines of work. Let’s find out who Kazbek Karatsev And Svetlana Karatseva are and how they have made an impact on the player’s life.

Alsan Kratsev is among the best professional tennis players from Russia like Maria Sharapova and Marat Safin.

As per his skills, his dominant hand is right but is comfortable swinging in a two-handed backhand too. 

He was born on 4 September 1993 in Vladikavkaz of Russia but moved to Tel Aviv, Israel with his parents when he was three years old. 

It was in Israel that he learned to play tennis, and his first coach was an Israeli, which might be why he claims Isreal still feels like home.  

He moved back to Russia after he turned twelve and it was only after he started training in Russia that he started to participate in competitions. 

Karatsev Preparing His Food In Bangkok
Karatsev Preparing His Food In Bangkok (Source: Instagram)

When the player is not playing tennis, he seems to enjoy moving around the boards. Meaning he is a snowboarder and a skateboarder.

Karatsev has posted a video of him skateboarding with a Siberian husky running beside him. 

Other than that he seems to love traveling and despite his strict diet regimen, he also has a strict love for food. 

Who Are The Parents Of Aslan Kratsev? 

Karatsev himself is somewhat of a mixed-ethnic person as his father is an Ossetian and his grandfather from his mother’s side is Jewish.

This might be the reason why the player’s family move to Isreal when he was an infant.

His father, Kazbek Karatsev was a former soccer player, and after living in Israel for several years, the player returned to Russia due to the funding limitations in Israel. 

Karatsev’s father is very supportive, which can be felt in the statements that he gives out to the media regarding his son.

Karatsev Flaunting His Trophy After Winning In Sydney
Karatsev Flaunting His Trophy After Winning In Sydney (Source: Instagram)

When asked about the doping and match-fixing allegations against the player, his father clearly denied the allegations.

He said that Aslan is a clean athlete and he thinks the match-fixing allegations made against his son are some kind of provocation.

There is very little information on Aslan’s mother Svetlana Karatseva but we do know that she was a medical doctor by profession and held faith in the Jewish way of religion. 

Thanks to the mixed heritage he shares with his parents, Karatsev fluently speaks Russian, Hebrew, and English, and holds dual Russian-Israeli citizenship.

Match Fixing Allegations Against Aslan Karatsev

In 2022, two German journalists came forward with a report alleging that the player had been engaged in match-fixing. 

He along with another tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili and their coach Yahor Yatsyk were accused of mixing matches in exchange for money. 

According to the investigation, they found that the player got an offer from the coach to fix matches on two different occasions.

Karatsev With His Laser Sharp Focus Staying Unbothered
Karatsev With His Laser Sharp Focus Staying Unbothered (Source: Instagram)

The allegation against him is fixing two doubles matches, one in Finland and the other in Kazakhstan. Both in the year 2020.

For Aslan, the false accusations were nothing new as he has been through it before.

So we would advise our readers to follow the principle of innocent until proven guilty or they are free to draw their own conclusion using their due diligence. 

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