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One of the most significant inspirations in the life of NASCAR star David Ragan is his older brother, Adam Ragan.

His older brother Adam was born with Down syndrome and faced various challenges throughout his life. However, his determination to succeed left a lasting impression on David.

Seeing his brother’s work ethic motivated David to work harder and not be afraid to pursue his goals.

NASCAR Driver David Ragan
NASCAR Driver David Ragan (Source: Instagram)

David Lee Ragan is an American professional stock car racing driver. He competes part-time in the NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 60 Ford Mustang Dark Horse for RFK Racing.

Additionally, Ragan is an analyst for NASCAR on Fox on NASCAR Race Hub.

Ragan was born in Unadilla, Georgia, into a family with racing roots; his father, Ken Ragan, was a former racer.

He began his racing career at the age of 12 in the Bandolero Series, where he had notable success, winning twelve races and the National Championship in his debut year.

Meet David Ragan, Brother Adam Ragan

David Ragan has an older brother, Adam Ragan, who is one of his greatest sources of inspiration.

Along with David, Adam is an inspiration to thousands of people who are suffering from a disability. 

Adam was born in 1983 and is 18 months older than David. By birth, Adam had Down syndrome, and many people thought he couldn’t do anything.

However, he proved everyone wrong and defined that people with disability can also have a good life and opportunity.

David Ragan's Brother Adam Ragan
David Ragan’s Brother Adam Ragan (Source: Instagram)

At the age of 17, Adam took up quarter midget racing, winning races and earning the title of Rookie of the Year in Marietta, Georgia.

With a family deeply rooted in racing, Adam followed in their footsteps and became involved in Special Olympics events in Georgia, where he showcased his talents in bowling and basketball.

David recognizes the profound impact of Special Olympics on individuals like Adam, who often feel marginalized in mainstream sporting events due to their disabilities.

Through Special Olympics, Adam found a platform to shine and be celebrated by his family and community, highlighting the importance of inclusion and support for individuals of all abilities.

NASCAR Star Married Life & Wife

NASCAR star David Ragan has been happily married to his wife Jacquelyn Ragan for twelve years. The couple got married on December 15, 2012.

Similar to David, Jacquelyn has a background in racing, but she decided to step away from the track after starting a family.

Jacquelyn achieved notable success during her racing career, winning the inaugural Better Half Dash Race in 2012 and securing a second-place finish the following year.

David Ragan With His Wife And Two Daughter
David Ragan With His Wife And Two Daughters (Source: Instagram)

David and Jacquelyn welcomed their first daughter, Julia, into the world in June 2014. They later celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Meredith Leigh Ragan, in March 2016.

Meredith’s arrival coincided with a milestone in David’s racing career, as he achieved his season-best finish of 22nd place at Auto Club Speedway while driving for BK Racing.

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