Meet Geno Smith Brother Geonte Smith- Parents And Family

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Geno Smith brother Geonte Smith aspires to carry on the family legacy and make a name for himself in the NFL.

Due to the fame and wealth that come with playing in the NFL, Geno Smith has amassed a net worth of almost $5 million.

He is a quarterback who has appeared for NFL teams like the New York Jets, New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers, and Seattle Seahawks.

Smith is a strong proponent of mental health and constantly discusses it when appropriate.

Geno Smith During A Press Conference
Geno Smith During A Press Conference (Source: Instagram)

He has always competed in the NFL with the highest performance and has always given his all.

Geno made his NFL debut in 2013 after being selected by the Jets in round 2, with the 39th pick. 

Furthermore, Smith currently plays with the Seattle Seahawks after joining them on May 15, 2019.

Geno Smith Brother Geonte Smith

Geonte Smith is the younger brother of a talented football player. Geonte has been attempting to establish a name for himself in the sport.

He was born on February 15th, 1996, and majored in Business Management at Savannah State University. 

Besides playing ball, his hobbies include collecting sneakers and playing video games.

Geno Smith Brother Geonte Smith
Geno Smith Brother Geonte Smith (Source: ssuathletics)

Despite the fact that he has always been addressed and identified by his brother’s name, he hasn’t let it stop him; instead, he chuckles and laughs.

Geonte’s comments on the predicament were as follows:

“Sometimes they call me Little Geno, other times it’s just Geno or they may end up calling me by my real name. I’m just going to run with it because Geno played a big role in my aspiration to play football.”

The younger sibling thinks that he would be thrilled to reach Geno’s level with the Jets.

Parents And Family

The NFL star was born to Eugene Smith Jr, aka Geno Smiith Jr, and Tracey Sellers on 19 October 1990. 

Geno was born while Tracey was just 17 years old, and this presented many difficulties at the time.

Tracy was also motivated to assist young parents in the neighborhood by her experience with teenage pregnancies, which led her to collaborate with Smith’s grandmother, Joann Smith.

“Parenting with a Purpose Life Center” was the pair’s single-minded goal when they founded the facility.

Geno Smith With His Mother
Geno Smith With His Mother (Source: Facebook)

His father was crucial to his son’s successful upbringing. Smith Jr. took an active role in his child’s professional development.

His parents have always supported him. Moreover, his father made a point of going to all of his games while he was a college student.

Tracey, though, said she would rather watch his games on TV than live at a stadium. Nevertheless, she has always been his greatest advocate and supporter.

Another factor that may have contributed to Geno’s love and passion for football is that he hails from a family of athletes.

He had a bodybuilder and boxer for a great-grandfather named Cyril Smith.

In addition, Danny Smith, an All-American hurdler who has broken numerous records, is his great-uncle.

Furthermore, Geno’s cousin Melvin Bratton played football in the middle of the 1980s, appearing for Miami as a running back.

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