Megan Khang Parents Nou And Lee Khang Are Her Biggest Fan

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Megan Khang parents, Nou And Lee Khang, are her biggest supporter and shares her passion for golfing with her.

Nou and Lee Khang have always been an integral part of her life, and they were even present during her graduation.

Moreover, they even accompany her on the golf course during her golf matches.

Megan Khang, an American professional golfer of Hmong and Laotian descent, is making her parents proud by achieving an accomplished career.

Megan Khang Golf Player
Megan Khang Golf Player (Source: The Golf Wire)

Khang succeeded as a junior golfer and qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open at 14. She plays on the LPGA Tour and has been a member since 2016.

She has earned multiple top finishes and was part of the United States Solheim Cup teams in 2019 and 2021.

Khang is known for being the first Hmong and Laotian descent player to compete on the LPGA Tour among famous golf players like Australia’s Sarah Kemp.

Megan Khang Parents, War Refugees Nou, And Lee Khang

Nou and Lee Khang are war refugees of Hmong-American descent who came to America 44 years ago and are living the American dream.

Megan’s parents grew up during the wartime in Laos and have seen the worst but wanted their kids to live in better conditions.

Megan Khang Parents Nou And Lee Khang
Megan Khang Parents Nou And Lee Khang (Source: Instagram)

Lee has always been thankful to America for giving them opportunities and a place to grow, earn and live.

Megan’s father, Lee, wasn’t as fortunate as his kids as he grew up in a rice farmers’ family among 11 siblings in Long Chien.

Likewise, her mother Nou’s family reached America as a refugee and settled in Boston, Massachusetts.

Later Nou and Lee were blessed with Megan, who became the most famous golf star.

Megan Khang Parents Arrival Top American Dream

The parents of Megan Khang, war refugees, and Hmong-American immigrants, have experienced an odyssey that has led to their daughter’s success in golf.

Originally from Laos, Lee and Nou Khang fled communist death squads 44 years ago, seeking refuge in the United States.

They wonder sincerely as they witness Megan representing the United States in the Solheim Cup.

Reflecting on their past, Lee and Nou express gratitude for the opportunities America has provided them and their family.

From being Hmong children during the war to watching their daughter play on an international stage, they believe they are living the American dream.

Megan Khang Parents & Young Megan
Megan Khang Parents & Young Megan (Source: Instagram)

Lee, who grew up in Long Chien, a Hmong settlement and CIA base operated by America during the Vietnam War, vividly remembers their midnight escape across the perilous Mekong River.

While the transition to America wasn’t easy due to the resentment surrounding the Vietnam War.

Moreover, becoming U.S. citizens somewhere in 2016 was a tremendous honor for Lee and Nou, who have always wanted to make the most of their new home.

Their pride in Megan’s rise as she becomes the first player of Hmong heritage to play on the LPGA Tour and the first to participate in the Solheim Cup.

Megan’s achievements testify to her parents’ sacrifices and the resilience of immigrant families in pursuit of the American dream.

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