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Mia Randall, also known as Mia Bliss, has garnered fame from an early age due to her prominent family members, including her brother, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and her father, former MLB star Pat Mahomes.

Beyond her family connections, Mia has established herself as a TikTok star, child celebrity, and influential social media personality, amassing a massive fan base.

If you’re familiar with NFL star quarterback Patrick Mahomes or follow Jackson Mahomes on the popular musical app TikTok, Mia Randall is likely someone you recognize.

Now, let’s delve straight into discussing Mia Randall, the talented and charismatic star kid who is currently 12 years old.

Mia Randall
Mia Randall (Source: Medium)

Mia is the beloved daughter of renowned baseball player Pat Mahomes Sr. and Randi Mahomes, also known as Randi Gail Martin.

Despite her relatively young age, Mia has managed to captivate millions of followers on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Not only is she an accomplished social media figure, but she is also an avid sports enthusiast.

As we continue with this article, we’ll provide an in-depth exploration of Mia Randall’s life. So, stay tuned if you’re eager to learn more about this remarkable young individual.

Quick Facts

Full Name Mia Randall Mahomes
Birth Date July 12, 2011
Birth Place The United States of America
Nick Name Mia Bliss
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Not known
Mother’s Name Randi Gail Martin
Siblings Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes
Age 12 Years Old
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Shoe Size Not known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Not known
Favorite Sport Basketball
Marital Status Single
Boyfriend Not yet
Famous as Youtuber, Tiktoker
Aunt Brittany Matthews
Net Worth Not Available
Salary Not Available
Hobby Cycling, Dancing
Team Whitehouse Angels
Social Media YouTube, Instagram
Patrick Mahomes Merch Rookie Card, Funko Pop, Jersey
Last Update March 2024

Brief Intro on Mia Randall

Mia Randall Mahomes was born on July 12, 2011, to her mother, Randi Mahomes.

Age, Body Measurement, and Horoscope

Mia Randall celebrates her birthday on July 12 each year, aligning her astrological sign with Cancer.

As a typical Cancerian, she possesses qualities such as compassion, love, and intuition.

Regardless of her young age, Mia demonstrates remarkable strength in all aspects—physically, mentally, and emotionally—pouring her heart into everything she undertakes.

This resilience comes naturally to her as she hails from the esteemed Mahomes family, renowned for their athletic prowess.

Mia Randall Writing Pasta Recipe (Source: Instagram)

If you need evidence of Mia’s dedication, take a glance at her Instagram post, showcasing the immense effort she puts into her endeavors. Her commitment is truly admirable.

As Mia is still in the process of growing, precise details regarding her body measurements are not available for obvious reasons.

However, it’s evident from her Instagram pictures that she shares a similar physique to her brothers, possessing a slender and tall frame.

Based on these images, it can be deduced that she maintains an average height and a moderate weight.


Family and Siblings

Mother, Randi Mahomes

Let’s delve into the life of Mia Randall’s mother, Randi Mahomes. Randi currently resides in Tyler, Texas, and completed her education at Texas High School.

Initially bearing the surname Martin, Randi prefers to be addressed by her ex-husband’s last name, Mahomes, showcasing the amicable relationship they share.

Randi and Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr. have managed to maintain a cordial bond and refer to each other as best friends.

Their example serves as an inspiration for separated or divorced couples seeking to move forward happily.

From her previous marriage, Randi has two sons, while Mia is her daughter from another relationship.

Unfortunately, details about Mia’s biological father are not publicly available at the moment, leaving his identity unknown.

Nevertheless, Randi embraces her role as a mother and enjoys a fulfilling life with her children, resembling a heartwarming happily-ever-after tale.

Mia Randall With Her Mom (Source: Twitter)

It’s not uncommon to spot Randi creating TikTok videos alongside her son, Jackson, and daughter, Mia. She is also frequently seen attending NFL matches to support her eldest son, Patrick.

In terms of her professional endeavors, Randi works as a private events coordinator at Hollytree Country Club in Tyler, Texas. Mia can often be seen casually spending time in her mother’s office, adding to the family dynamic.

Randi actively maintains accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, offering glimpses into her life.

For instance, you can find an Instagram post featuring Mia in her mom’s office, capturing their special moments together.

Patrick Mahomes Sr.

Pat Mahomes, also known as Pat, gained fame as a former MLB player renowned for his versatility in multiple sports, including baseball, basketball, and football.

Hailing from the United States, Pat holds American nationality and identifies with a black ethnic background. With a career spanning over a decade, he primarily excelled as a pitcher during his time in MLB.

Mia with Patrick and Brittany
Mia with Patrick and Brittany (Source: Twitter)

Throughout his professional journey, Pat showcased his skills while representing various teams, such as the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Additionally, he also contributed to several minor league teams during his career.

In 2006, Pat and his ex-wife Randi Mahomes underwent a divorce. As of now, there are no prevalent rumors or reports concerning his current romantic involvements or affairs.

Older Brother, Patrick Mahomes

Following in his father’s footsteps, Patrick Mahomes has showcased exceptional talent in the world of sports, mirroring the achievements of his father.

Despite being highly regarded as a top prospect in the MLB draft, Patrick made the pivotal decision to pursue a career in the NFL.

Currently, Patrick holds the position of quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, where he continues to excel.

Mia Bliss With Her Brother Patrick Mahomes (Source: InformationCradle)

His name frequently resonates in discussions, often mentioned alongside his sister Mia and younger brother Jackson, further emphasizing his prominence as a star quarterback.

In his personal life, Patrick is engaged to his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews.

Brittany herself boasts extensive experience as a personal trainer and a former soccer player. Together, they form an adorable couple and find happiness in one another’s company.

Second Older Brother, Jackson Mahomes

In contrast to his sports-oriented family members, Jackson Mahomes has pursued a different path. At the age of 23, he has gained considerable fame as a TikToker, carving out his niche in the world of entertainment.

Although Jackson played basketball during his high school years and even had the potential to become an NBA prospect, he ultimately decided to forge his career in the entertainment industry.

Through platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, he has been able to showcase his unique talents and captivate a wide audience.

Jackson Mahomes (Source: Instagram)

Sadly, Jackson has faced unwarranted scrutiny regarding his sexual orientation, with many questioning if he is gay and attempting to hinder his ability to express himself authentically.

However, he has risen above such challenges and continues to shine in his own way.

With over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, Jackson embraces his platform to display the extravagant lifestyle he leads, never hesitating to share glimpses of his lavish experiences with his devoted audience.

Sport Enthusiast

Undoubtedly, athleticism runs deep in Mia’s veins. Her energy and natural spirit shine through, leaving no doubt about her innate talent.

Exploring her Instagram posts and delving deeper into her life, it becomes evident that Mia frequently engages in basketball, soccer, and baseball.

However, basketball seems to hold a special place in her heart, as she can often be seen immersing herself in basketball tutorials and striving for excellence through dedicated practice.

Mia Bliss Is All Set For A Baseball Game (Source: Instagram)

But Mia’s athletic endeavors don’t stop there. She also participates in activities such as bowling, swimming, and skating, showcasing a diverse range of interests and skills for a nine-year-old child.

It’s fitting to describe her as a powerhouse of talent, given the impressive array of activities she excels in at such a young age. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here is an Instagram post capturing Mia’s keen interest and involvement in playing baseball, highlighting her enthusiasm for the sport.

Net Worth

Well, nothing has been claimed in terms of Mia’s net worth. She is a kid who aspires to fly higher in her life.

We are sure she will be doing well in the future and earning name, fame, and recognition more than her family members.

We will surely keep our eyes on her and wait for her success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who is Mia's biological father, and what is her nationality?

As such, there is no information revealed about his biological father. Nor has her mother opened up to date. And as she was born and raised in the United States of America, she is an American by nationality.

What is Patrick Mahomes's middle name?

Patrick Mahomes's middle name is Lavon. 

Do Patrick and Mia have the same dad?

Patrick is also a half-brother to younger sisters Mia Randall and Zoe Mahomes. After the athlete's parents, Patrick Mahomes Sr. and Randi Martin, separated in 2006, they welcomed their daughters with other partners.

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