Mia Randall Bio: Family & Patrick Mahomes’ sister

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Mia Randall is the sister of Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the son of former MLB star Pat Mahomes. Also called Mia Bliss, she enjoyed stardom in her early years as famous family members surrounded her. Besides, Mia is a Tiktok star, child celebrity, and social media influencer with massive fans.

If you are familiar with NFL star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, you must have easily recognized her.

Additionally, you know her if you are on the trendy musical app Tiktok and follow Jackson Mahomes.

Beautiful Mia Randall (Source: Instagram)

Okay, enough of the hints. Let’s bring it straight. We are talking about none other than the 11-year-old star kid, Mia Randall.

She is the daughter of the famous baseball player Pat Mahomes Sr. and Randi Mahomes, aka Randi Gail Martin.

It’s not even a decade crossed that Mia has been on this planet, but she has managed to win millions of hearts on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

She is also a sports fanatic and soon to be an aunt. Stay tuned to this article if you want to learn about Mia Randall.

We will be exploring her life in detail. But before that, how about giving a quick look at the facts about Mia Randall?

Mia Randall | Quick Facts

Full Name Mia Randall Mahomes
Birth Date July 12, 2011
Birth Place The United States of America
Nick Name Mia Bliss
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Not known
Mother’s Name Randi Gail Martin
Siblings Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes
Age 11 Years Old
Height Not known
Weight Not known
Shoe Size Not known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Not known
Favorite Sport Basketball
Marital Status Single
Boyfriend Not yet
Famous as Youtuber, Tiktoker
Aunt Brittany Matthews
Net Worth Not Available
Salary Not Available
Hobby Cycling, Dancing
Team Whitehouse Angels
Social Media Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram
Patrick Mahomes Merch Rookie Card, Funko Pop, Jersey
Last Update May, 2023

Brief Intro on Mia Randall

Mia Randall Mahomes was born on July 12, 2011, to her mother, Randi Mahomes, and Father (anonymous) in the United States.

The date of birth in the States is still not disclosed on the internet.

Age, Body Measurement, and Horoscope

As of February 2023, she is 11 years old. Mia is seen celebrating her birthday on July 12 every year. She falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Moreover, like any other Cancerian, she is compassionate, loving, and intuitive.

She puts her whole heart into whatever she does. Not to mention, she is a kid but pretty strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And why not? After all, she belongs to the Mahomes, a family of athletes.

Mia Randall writing pasta recipe (Source: Instagram)

Hold on, if you don’t believe it, watch out for this Instagram post of her. Look at the amount of effort she is putting in.

Talking about her body measurement, Mia is still growing. So, we don’t have the details for obvious reasons.

But yeah, she is growing tall and slim, just like her brothers. She has an average height and a moderate weight, to go by the pictures posted on her Instagram.

Mia Randall | Family and Siblings

Regarding family and siblings, Mia is blessed and treasured. You will all get to know why?

Mother, Randi Mahomes

Let’s start with her mother, Randi Mahomes. She resides in Tyler, Texas, and studied at Texas High School.

Her previous surname was Martin, but she likes to take her surname from her ex-husband Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr. Randi is okay with herself and others calling her the title Mahomes.

And why not? She has kept a cordial relationship with her former husband, and they call each other best friends.

Mia Randall with her Mom (Source: Twitter)

They have set an exemplary idea for separated or divorced couples to move on happily. One must learn from them.

Moreover, she has two sons from her ex-husband, and Mia is her daughter from another man in her life.

However, the details regarding that person remain unknown. There is no such information available regarding her current affairs.

Nevertheless, Randi enjoys life with her kids like any other happily ever after story. She is also caught making Tiktok videos with her son, Jackson, and daughter Mia. She is also seen attending NFL matches for his elder son Patrick.

To bring upon her works and stuff. Randi works at Hollytree Country Club as a private events coordinator in Tyler, Texas.

Also, Mia is often seen casually roaming around in her office. We can find Randi on  Twitter and Instagram. She is also on Tiktok.

Here is an Instagram post of her where Mia is in her mom’s office.

Patrick Mahomes Sr.

Also famous as Pat, he was a former baseball player in MLB. Not to mention, he was a multi-sport player as he played Baseball, Basketball, and football.

He is an American by nationality and has black ethnicity. Pat was in MLB for over a decade and served as a pitcher.

He played for several teams, such as Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

He also played for some minor league teams in his career.

Mia with Patrick and Brittany
Mia with Patrick and Brittany (Source: Twitter)

Pat got divorced in 2006 from his ex-wife Randi Mahomes. And currently, there are no such rumors about his affairs.

Older Brother, Patrick Mahomes

Like Father, like son, Patrick also excelled in sports just like his Father did. Having stood as the top prospect in the MLB draft, he chose to make his career in NFL.

He currently serves as the quarterback for the team Kansas City Chiefs.

Mia Bliss with her brother Patrick Mahomes (Source: InformationCradle)

Patrick belongs to those group of players whose name has been taken repeatedly. He has undoubtedly made a name and fame as a star quarterback.

His name comes naturally hooked up when we talk about Mia or his younger brother Jackson.

Not to mention, Patrick is currently engaged to her girlfriend, Brittany Matthews. They had just welcomed their second child, a boy.

Patrick Mahomes and his wife
Patrick Mahomes and his wife with their baby boy Sterling Skye (Source: Instagram)

Brittany is an experienced personal trainer and a former soccer player. They both look cute together and are happy to be with each other.

Their second older brother, Jackson Mahomes

Unlike his family members, Jackson is not into sports. He is currently twenty years old and pretty famous as a Tiktoker.

Although he played Basketball during high school was an NBA prospect. He chose to make his career in the entertainment field.

Jackson Mahomes (Source: Instagram)

Jackson likes to lead a life of his own. He has also spread his magic on Youtube and Instagram.

Many question him if he is gay and restrict him from being himself, but he has risen and shone.

Moreover, he has more than 250k followers on his Tiktok account and never shies away from showing off the lavish lifestyle he lives.

Mia Randall | Family Bonding

Mia is rich not only in terms of money and wealth but also in terms of family and health. The main point is that she shares a strong bond with her family members.

Some days she is found to be making Tiktok videos with her mom, and some days she would be like cheering up her brother Patrick during NFL games.

No wonder she seems to be the apple of everyone’s eye. And why not? She is the youngest one in the family. She deserves all the love, attention, and pampering.

Mia Randall | Soon to be an Aunt

Not to mention, Mia again has a great term with her would-be sister-in-law Brittany Matthews.

She seems to be with Brittany on random occasions partying, chilling, roaming, and goofing around.

Not wrong simply; it’s just a sign of being a great kid who is closer to her family members.

Just take your eyes off one of these Instagram posts where she has wished Brittany a happy birthday.

mia bliss family
Mia’s bliss family (Source: Instagram)

To boot on, Mia is also seen all excited and happy to welcome her niece. Oh-oh, if you are wondering, how did we find out? Here it is.

The duo uploaded a gender reveal video showing their firstborn as a girl on October 21, 2020. The caption says it all, “I love you, Brittany.”

Finally, the couple welcomed their second child, a boy whose name is Sterling Skye. Almost everyone in the family has shared the picture.

Mia Randall | Sport Enthusiast

It is a thoroughgoing fact; athleticism lies in her blood. No one can take away the energy and spirit she shows off naturally.

Scrolling down her Instagram posts and researching deeper about her, we tend to find out that she often plays Basketball, soccer, and Baseball.

Mia-Randall, an sport enthusiast
Mia-Randall, a sports enthusiast (Source: Instagram)

However, Basketball seems to be taking her sheer interest. She is often seen taking basketball tutorials and practicing hard for excellence.

Mia is also seen bowling, swimming, and skating. Okay, that’s a lot of activities for a  nine-year-old kid.

A powerhouse for talent would be the proper word to go for. Don’t you think so?

Here’s an Instagram post of her where she is seen keenly interested in playing Baseball.

Mia Bliss is all set for a baseball game (Source: Instagram)

Mia Randall | Net Worth

Well, nothing has been claimed in terms of Mia’s net worth. She is a kid who aspires to fly higher in her life.

We are sure she will be doing well in the future and earning name, fame, and recognition more than her family members.

We will surely keep our eyes on her and wait for her success stories.

Mia Randall | Social Media Presence

Ladies and Gentlemen, this article would go completely incomplete if we didn’t discuss her video-making skills on Tiktok.

Please have patience; we will also reveal her social media handle details.

But in due time, bringing her Tiktok videos is a must. We cannot go under the radar on this for sure.

She is eloquently available on Tiktok with almost 2717 followers as TheBallersister15.

Glancing at Mias’ Tiktok profile, we can easily bet that no matter how much she loves playing Basketball, at the same time, she also enjoys singing and dancing equally.

She never misses going with the trend, just like her brother Jackson.

Mia must have uploaded n number of videos to date, and when you happen to check out the comment section. Her comment box is flooded with love and appreciation.

 She has shown her adorable dancing skills and follows the latest Tiktok trend on the “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” song by Popp Hunna.

Apart from her Tiktok talks, she is also an Instagram user and a Youtuber.

Mia uploaded two videos on her youtube channel where she is seen supported by her mother in the video-shooting process.

However, there are no videos there as of now. It seems Mia has deleted her account.

Regarding her Instagram stories, Mia is just a rising star with 14.9K followers. You will learn more about her if you follow her on Instagram.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Randi Mahomes (@randimahomes)

Moreover, it won’t be less than a blessing, at least, as she keeps posting about some random stuff like her basketball games,

And yeah, as per online sources, her Instagram account is managed by her mother, Randi Mahomes.

She is also there on Twitch as @oficial_Ballersister.

Mia is playing games online (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, please feel free to add some comments if you think the facts are missing or diverted. We shall update it accordingly.

FAQs | Mia Randall

Who is Mia’s biological Father, and what is her nationality?

As such, there is no information revealed about his biological Father. Nor has her mother opened up to date. And as she was born and raised in the United States of America, she is an American by nationality.

What is Patrick Mahomes’s middle name?

Patrick Mahomes’s middle name is Lavon. Patrick is the Quarterback at the  Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL).

Do Patrick and Mia have the same dad?

Patrick is also a half-brother to younger sisters Mia Randall and Zoe Mahomes.

After the athlete’s parents, Patrick Mahomes Sr. and Randi Martin, separated in 2006, they welcomed their daughters with other partners.

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