How Many Tattoo Does Michael Porter Jr Have? Their Meaning And Design

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The tattoo of Michael Porter Jr. has been a great deal to basketball fans as the viewers spotted him with inkings on his left hand.

The Missouri-born Porter currently plays as a small forward for the Denver Nuggets in the NBA.

Michael Porter Jr
Micheal Porter Jr (Source: NBA)

He has won several trophies and was regarded as one of the best players in the nation from high school to collegiate.

There have been many highs and lows throughout Michael Porter Jr.’s basketball career.

The lows have been particularly his several back operations due to his muscle twitches that occurred during practice and game.

How Many Tattoos Does Michael Porter Jr Have? 

Many people, including sports players, frequently tattoo on their bodies that represent significant facts or important events in their lives.

The small forward has an inking on his left hand. The tattoo on his hand is visible whenever Michael wears sleeveless or half-sleeved t-shirts.

Michael Porter Jr Tattoo On His Left Hand
Michael Porter Jr. Tattoo On His Left Hand (Source: NBA Tattoos Blog)

The tattoo is of five Hebrew letters on his left wrist and is written מִיכָאֵל on his arm.

According to Yahoo’s explanation and translation, the words translate to “Who is like God?” in English.

It is a rhetorical question that implies that no individual can be compared to a divine being.

We don’t know the exact date when he got that tattoo, but he was spotted for the first time in July 2019.

A Quick Peek Into Michael Porter Jr Life

Michael Porter Jr. was born on June 29, 1998. The player grew up in Missouri with his seven siblings, including brother Jontay Porter.

He is the son of Missouri assistant coach Michael Porter Sr. His mother, Lisa Porter, is a homemaker.

Despite growing up as a vegetarian, he began eating meat after joining the Denver Nuggets. Once he first tasted bacon, he began eating meat.

Michael Porter Jr. With His Father & Mother
Michael Porter Jr. With His Father & Mother (Source: Twitter)

Porter Jr was a star basketball at Nathan Hale High School and Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School.

He competed in the McDonald’s All-American Game and defeated Trae Young and other future NBA players to earn the game’s MVP title.

Besides, Michael has established himself as an exceptional basketball player and has been responsible for many memorable moments whenever he has been healthy.

Regarding his father, he was on the coaching staff as an assistant for the University of Missouri Tigers and is currently the director of player development at Missouri Tigers.

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