Mike Budenholzer Wife: Is He Still Married To Mary Bet Budenholzer?

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Mike Budenholzer former wife, Mary Bet Budenholzer, divorced the NBA coach in 2018. The ex-couple parented four kids, with their youngest showing interest in basketball. 

The former Bucks coach is from an athletic family, with his father being a basketball coach at Holbrook High School for 25 years. Vince Budenholzer led his team to the 1971 state championship and has found a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Mike Budenholzer Last Held An NBA Role In 2023 With The Bucks
Mike Budenholzer Last Held An NBA Role In 2023 With The Bucks (Source: Instagram)

The youngest of seven kids, Mike Budenholzer, is the two-time recipient of NBA Coach of the Year. He has collected the trophy while coaching two teams, first with the Hawks and then with the Bucks.

Budenholzer was fired last year by the Bucks after five years at the helm. He was fired after the Bucks’ first-round playoff loss. His replacement, Adrian Griffin, has also been fired after only 43 games, and now Doc Rivers is the news Bucks’ coach. 

Mike Budenholzer Wife: Is He Divorced Or Married?

The former NBA head coach, Mike Budenholzer, and his wife, Mary Bet, have been separated for five years. Many sources believe the couple divorced in 2018 while the coach was still with the Atlanta Hawks.

During their relationship, Mary Bet remained a private personality and didn’t appear much in front of the media. Few NBA coaches have done joint interviews in the past involving their families, but Mike never did one. 

The first time the NBA got to know Budenholzer was in 1996 when he joined the San Antonio Spurs. He joined the Spurs as their video coordinator and was later moved to assistant coach. 

Mike Budenholzer's Wife, Mary Bet Budenholzer Shared The Cute Family Picture In 2014
Mike Budenholzer’s Wife, Mary Bet Budenholzer, Shared The Cute Family Picture In 2014 (Source: Facebook)

He became an NBA head coach in 2013 with the Atlanta Hawks, a team he managed for six seasons. It was during Mike’s tenure with the Hawks that Mary once made a news headline. 

The Hawks’ head coach had to take a leave for one game, and he later cited that it was due to his wife’s medical emergency. Budenholzer issued a statement, saying he returned to Atlanta from Boston after an emergency medical situation involving his wife.

In the statement, Budenholzer also mentioned that his wife was making progress and thanked the doctors and staff at Emory. It was never known what medical emergency Mary faced at the time.

Their divorce news started spreading in 2018, but neither Mary nor the basketball coach ever spoke about their separation. Mary is available on Facebook but isn’t active on it. 

Her Instagram page remains private, but it is known that she is a graduate of the University of Texas and native to Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Mike Budenholzer Kids 

Mike and Mary parented four kids, two boys and two girls. Their eldest child, William Budenholzer, has chosen a career field different from his father.

William graduated from Texas A&M University in 2022 and soon joined Blue Star Commercial Real Estate as a Market Research Analyst.

Before joining Blue Star Commercial Real Estate, William worked at Fiduciary Real Estate Development and Three Leaf Partners as an intern.

Mike and Mary’s second eldest child, Savoia Elizabeth Budenholzer, who also goes by Libby, is a student at the University of San Diego. She is available on Instagram and has shared several pictures with her family and friends. 

Mike Budenholzer Pictured With His Four Kids At A Baseball Game
Mike Budenholzer Pictured With His Four Kids At A Baseball Game (Source: Instagram)

In 2019, she shared a photo of her with Mike, posing with his  Red Auerbach Trophy, winning the honor for the second time in his career. She captioned the post, “Mikey bud has done it again.”

Mike’s third child is his daughter, Hanna Budenholzer. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Unlike her elder sister, Hanna has chosen to keep her social media profile private.

The former couple’s youngest child, John Budenholzer, is part of the Alamo Heights varsity basketball team. He has previously shared photographs of him from basketball games on his Instagram handle.

A video of him going head-to-head against Denis Schroder previously went viral, and it’s safe to say John held his own against the NBA star. 

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