Is Mike Tomlin About To Be Fired? Steelers Fans Want Him Gone

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Steelers fans are expressing anger and disappointment following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Moreover, they want their head coach, Mike Tomlin, fired.

Tomlin joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007, assuming the head coach role, a position he has maintained ever since.

Under his leadership, the team has achieved remarkable success, including ten playoff appearances, seven division titles, three AFC Championship Games, two Super Bowl berths, and a victory in Super Bowl XLIII.

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin (Source: Instagram)

He initiated his coaching journey in 1995 as the wide receiver coach at Virginia Military Institute.

Furthermore, he gained diverse coaching experiences at Memphis, Arkansas State, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Minnesota Vikings.

Is Mike Tomlin About To Be Fired? Steelers Fans Want Him Gone

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss to the Cardinals in Week 13, there is a noticeable shift in sentiment among Steelers fans towards Mike Tomlin.

Despite the widespread anticipation that the Steelers would secure a victory over the Cardinals, who only won twice in their previous 12 games, the outcome was quite the opposite.

Pittsburgh, heavily favored against an Arizona team expected to struggle, ended up losing.

The Cardinals sealed the game with a 24-10 win, as Kyler Murray recorded 145 yards and one touchdown on 13 of 23 pass completions.

Despite various unfavorable circumstances during the game, fans seem inclined to blame coaching for the defeat.

Cardinals Players Celebrate After Scoring A Touchdown Against Steelers
Cardinals Players Celebrate After Scoring A Touchdown Against Steelers (Source: AzCentral)

Many argue that the team possessed more than enough capability to overcome the Cardinals, and it is the coaching that ultimately fell short.

One fan expressed frustration that read:

“A case to fire Tomlin has been laying its foundation for some time. Today threw gas on that fire. Today was a joke, and much of it can be traced to coaching. It’s embarrassing, and why they lost. The leadership is s**t, too. Cam and whoever. Teams with legit leaders don’t play and act like that.”

Another supporter voiced, “Overreaction time. Fire Tomlin. Embarrassing effort, coaching staff, and loss.”

Similarly, an angry supporter asserted, “I’d fire Tomlin tomorrow. Let him go 9-8 for 20 straight seasons in Washington.”

However, the team has not yet made any decisions regarding the views of the fans, and Tomlin is still the head coach.

Recently Fired Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada

On November 21, 2023, the Pittsburgh Steelers took the step of dismissing their offensive coordinator, Matt Canada.

Throughout Canada’s three-season tenure as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator, the team never achieved over 400 yards of offense in a single game.

This termination marked the first time since 1941 that the Steelers had made a midseason change involving a head coach or coordinator.

Addressing the decision, head coach Mike Tomlin emphasized that the choice to part ways with Canada was solely his own.

Tomlin stated,

“I did not come to this decision lightly. It’s my role to absorb and protect those that I work with. This doesn’t feel like that. I’m not assigning blame or deflecting in any way. … Just rest assured that this decision was not taken lightly. I’ve got a lot of respect for Matt personally and professionally.”

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