Mike Tomlin Kids: Michael, Harlyn And Mason Tomlin

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As the Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is getting the heat for playing starters in the team’s preseason preparations, his kids are also garnering significant interest from fans.
Mike Tomlin, the highly respected head coach in the NFL, is not only known for his prowess on the football field but also for his dedication to his family.
Let’s take a closer look at the Tomlin kids, Michael, Harlyn, and Mason Tomlin, and the family’s dynamic.
Mike Tomlin Has Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Since 2007
Mike Tomlin Has Been Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Since 2007 (Source: Instagram)
Michael Pettaway Tomlin is a legendary American football coach. He is the present head coach for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers.
Starting his coaching career as a college coach, Tomlin worked his way up the ranks to the National Football League.
As of now, the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach is entering his 16th season as the team’s head coach.
He coached the Steelers to a Super Bowl 43 win in the 2008-09 season against the Arizona Cardinals.
Likewise, Pittsburgh has never incurred a losing record during Tomlin’s tenure in 16 seasons as a head coach. Evidently, it is the longest current streak in the NFL.

Mike Tomlin Kids: Journey To Parenthood

The head coach of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers is married to his incredible wife, Kiya Winston Tomlin.
Kiya is an American fashion designer, and has her own clothing line, “Uptown Sweats”. The brand has grown significantly since its launch in 2015.
A former competitive gymnast, Kiya met her future husband while both were students at the College of William and Mary.
The Tomlin Family
The Tomlin Family (Source: Instagram)

The Super Bowl-winning Steelers’ coach walked down the aisle with his then-girlfriend, Kiya, in 1996. He and his wife have been blessed with three children: Michael, Harlyn, and Mason, since tying the knot.

Tomlin transitioned well into parenthood. As the kids grew up, he helped with the kids, made dinner, and kept the family up and moving.

Similarly, he always prioritizes family and aspires to be the very best father he can be for his three kids.

Tomlin said at an event, “Coaching is what I do, but being a husband and father is who I am.”

Thus, it’s safe to say that Mike Tomlin kids are growing up in an environment that values love, respect, and the pursuit of one’s passions.

Meet Michael Dean Tomlin

Michael Dean Tomlin, also known as Dino Tomlin, is the eldest child of Mike Tomlin, born in December 2000. 

Like his father, Michael has a passion for the game and has been known to train at the Steelers facility.

Growing up around the sport and with his father as a prominent figure in the NFL, Michael developed a keen understanding of the game.

Michael Plays For The Boston Eagles
Michael Plays As Wide Receiver For The Boston Eagles (Source: Instagram)

Dino attended the University of Maryland and played college football as a wide receiver. However, he transferred to Boston College in 2022.

A former three-star prospect, Dino primarily played in a reserve and special teams role with the Maryland Terrapins.

In 2022, he played in 12 games for the Boston Eagles, starting the final two games of the season.

Meet Mason Reid Tomlin

Mason, the middle child of  Mike Tomlin and Kiya Winston, was born on January 15, 2002, in Tampa, Florida.

A Columbia Lions defensive back, Mason’s journey reflects the strong football culture that runs in the Tomlin family.

Mason Is A Promising Rapper While Being A Football Player
Mason Tomlin Is A Promising Rapper While Also Being A Football Player (Source: Instagram)

Before college, he was enrolled at the Shady Side Academy and was an excellent high school athlete. Moreover, the Columbia College senior is a rapper as well.

Mason also has a record label by the name PRESSUREMADE and has released some tracks with the label.

Meet Harlyn Quinn Tomlin

Harlyn Tomlin, the youngest member of the family, was born in 2006. She is the only daughter of Mike and Kiya Tomlin.

Harlyn attends Shady Side Academy and participates in gymnastics, supported by her former gymnast mother.

Harlyn Tomlin Committed To University of Georgia In 2022 October
Harlyn Tomlin Committed To The University of Georgia In 2022 October (Source: Instagram)

A member of the Xquisite Gymnastics, Harlyn won five medals, including two state titles, at the 2022 USA Gymnastics Pennsylvania Level 10 State Championships.

Lastly, she will attend college at the University of Georgia on a full-athletic scholarship as per her verbal commitment.

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