Mike Utley Wife Dani Utely: Married Life And Kids

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Mike Utley, a former football player, is married to his wife, Dani Utley. Dani has had a diverse career and served as a firefighter, paramedic, EMT, flight medic, and deputy coroner.

The couple has been together for 22 years, having met at a gym in Washington State. Despite Mike using a wheelchair, Dani did not notice it at first and found him to be larger than life.

They hit it off instantly and have been together ever since. 

Mike Utley With His Wife
Mike Utley With His Wife (Source: Facebook)

Mike Utley, born on December 20, 1965, in Seattle, WA, attended St. Paul Grade School, where he earned acclaim as the most outstanding football player in the school’s history. 

His collegiate journey commenced in 1984 with a scholarship to Washington State University in Pullman, WA. In 1989, his leadership led the Cougars to their most successful season in decades.

In the 1989 NFL Draft, Utley was selected by the Detroit Lions as the third pick in the third round.

Unfortunately, his professional career was cut short due to a severe injury on November 17, 1991, resulting in fractures to his 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae.

He underwent surgery and began rehabilitation in December 1991.

Mike Utley Wife, Dani Utely

Dani Utley, the other half of Mike, was born on February 8, 1968, and is currently 55 Years Old

Before meeting Mike, Dani had a diverse career. She worked as a firefighter, paramedic, EMT, flight medic, and deputy coroner.

The couple first crossed paths at a gym in Washington State, where they both worked out.

Mike Utley With His Wife
Mike Utley With His Wife (Source: Facebook)

When he saw Dani for the first time Mike amusingly said, “I just saw a pretty gal and thought I would take my swing at the baseball plate, you know, swing batter, batter, batter, swing,” when he first noticed Dani.

Likewise, Dani mentioned, “We just started talking. I didn’t even notice the wheelchair. He’s just so much bigger than life. You know, it probably was love at first sight.”

For 22 years, the couple has maintained a strong and unwavering love.

Married Life And Kids

Dani and Mike recently celebrated their 22-year anniversary on July 14th. Dani, Mike’s wife, shared a picture of their celebration cake.

Every year, Dani and Mike celebrate their special occasions, whether it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary.

Mike Utley Has Been Married For Almost Two Decade
Mike Utley Has Been Married For Almost Two Decade (Source: Facebook)

In one interview, Dani was asked how it feels to be married to Mike, to which she replied, “Mike makes me better every day; he’s always challenging me.

Dani added, Being married to him helps me grow as a person.”

When they’re together, you can’t miss their competitive spirit. Mike treats her like one of his buddies—it’s been that way from the start.

He jokes that he married ‘up’ in the gene pool. “My 22-year journey with Danielle has been amazing. I have no regrets. I’ve evolved and moved forward,” said Mike.

Even after being in married life for twenty years, the couple does not have any kids

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