Milica Krstic Bio: Early Life, Career & Boban Marjanovic Wife

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Milica Krstic is the wife of NBA star Boban Marjanovic, born and raised in the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. Boban plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Dallas Mavericks, and in international competitions, he plays for the Serbian national basketball team alongside league MVP Nikola Jokić.

Being a spouse of a celebrity automatically directs the public attention towards you. Milica was no exception.

Krstic, the Serbian beauty, came into the limelight after she married the NBA star Boban Marjanovic.

She likes to keep her personal life private, making accessing information difficult.

Gorgeous Milica Krstic, the wife of Boban Marjnanovic (Source: Instagram)

However, the Serbian relishes the fame and is equally enjoying her husband’s company. Fans must be wondering who is Boban’s wife and what she does.

Well, dear readers, this article focuses entirely on the lovely Milica Krstic. Let’s begin with some quick facts!

Quick Facts

Name Milica Krstic
Birthplace Serbia
Nationality Serbian
Spouse Yes (Boban Marjanovic)
Children Yes (2; Vuk and Pera)
Height 5’5″ (1.67 m)
Social Media Instagram
Merch of Boban Marjanovic Jersey
Last Update 2024

Milica Krstic: Bio and Age

Boban Marjanovic’s wife, Milica, hails from a city in Serbia. Being a Serbian by nationality, Krstic came into the limelight in the public’s eye due to her marriage to a sports star.

Her early life remains obscure due to her private nature.

As a result, interested fans turn away disappointed. Please don’t take it the other way, dear readers, but not many find fame manageable.

Hot and Sexy Milica Krstic, in Bikini (Source: Instagram)

Also, Krstic’s birthdate has not been disclosed; hence, there is no way to predict her age.

However, Milica posted a few pictures with her brother and parents on Instagram. Her father is Zoran Krstic, whereas her mother’s name is unavailable.

Likewise, Milica wasn’t a single child and grew up alongside their brother, Milos.

On the other hand, the Serbian generally posts pictures with her friends but mostly with her husband, Boban, and their two children.

The two couple seems to be head over heels for each other. It is a life everyone would love to have.

 In particular, Milica is a relatively short lady standing at 1.67 m.

Boban’s astonishing 2.2m proves that love knows no bounds, and height does not.

Although there is no information on Krstic’s bust-waist-hip measurements, it is evident from her Instagram posts that she engages in an intense workout.

Milica likes to keep fit and has a muscular physique and natural curves.

Personal Life: Is Boban Marjanovic Still Married to Milica?- Children

Despite her fame post-marriage, Milica’s life before that is mainly under wraps. It does seem that Krstic is a model.

Many of her online presence suggest that way. Boban and Milica first met at a party.

The couple clicked instantly, and there on dated for six years. Further, there were no signs of marriage, but it was imminent, and hence in 2014, Boban and Milica became a married couple.

Milica Krstic, her husband Boban, and sons, Vuk and Pera
Milica Krstic, her husband Boban, and sons, Vuk and Pera (Source: Facebook)

Notwithstanding, the couple organized two wedding ceremonies, one in Mexico and one in the Serbian City of Belgrade.

Two beautiful children, Vuk and Pera, were born from the marital. Boban is undoubtedly an inspiration for the kids.

The kids are a delight for the happy grandparents, Milica’s parents. Dad Krstic occasionally takes to Instagram and posts a picture of their quality time.

The pictures discuss a fun time at the park, a lovely dinner, or their birthdays.

The happy parents, Milica and Boban, are incredibly proud of their children.

From specific sources, it was revealed that the kids highly admire their father’s career and are innate to follow in his footsteps in the future.

Is it the truth? We do not know, as it is just speculation.

Career: Who is Milica Krstic? Husband of Milica Krstic

Career-wise there isn’t much to say about Krstic. Neither the Serbian nor any other media outlets have any details on her profession.

In the same way, her social media presence is highly suggestive of her being a model.

Milica Krstic
Milica Krstic (Source: Instagram)

First, her apparel, body figure, and extreme workout regime indicate Milica’s preparation for the photoshoot.

It is also possible for the Serbian to volunteer for photoshoots as she is a famous player’s wife.

Contrarily, Boban is an NBA player who was born on August 15, 1988.

The 7-footer had first signed to play for CSKA Moscow and later moved to the states for Detroit Pistons and San Antonio. As of recent, Marjanovic plays for Dallas Mavericks.

Mainly, Boban plays as a center. During his career, the Serbian giant won Gold in the FIBA U-19 World Cup and U-20 Championship.

In 2017, Boban represented the Serbian national team in the EuroBasket.

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Net Worth & Income

Milica’s profession and, like manner, her source of wealth, is a mystery. Nonetheless, her husband earns a hefty sum as his net worth is around $20 million.

An entirety of Boban’s wealth comes from his NBA career.

Milica Krstic husband, Boban enjoying a day out in his Jeep Wrangler
Milica Krstic’s husband, Boban, enjoying a day out in his Jeep Wrangler (Source: Instagram)

The Dallas Center also pockets significant money from endorsement deals and sponsorship.

With Dallas Mavericks, Marjanovic makes a yearly $7 million. Moreover, the Mavericks granted him a signing bonus of $3.5 million.

Apart from this, Boban also appeared in John Wick 3: Parabellum, which garnered him a reasonable amount of cash.

Accordingly, the Serbian makes good use of money. He owns a Jeep Wrangler and several other cars. Above all, Boban and Milica travel to exotic locations to spend their vacation.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 31.1k followers (@mrsbobi)

Milica Krstic | Popularity

The Serbian beauty is usually a searched name on the internet as she is the wife of NBA star Boban.

Milica Krstic popularity graph over the period of a year worldwide (Source: Google)

The above graph illustrates the number of searches in a year worldwide.

Milica Krstic | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Milica Krstic active on social media?

Yes, she is only active on her Instagram account.

Who is Boban Marjanovic married to?

Boban Marjanovic is married to the Serbian lady Milica Krstic. The couple got married in 2014 and have been together to date.

How did Boban meet his wife?

The NBA star first met his wife at a birthday party in 2008. They liked each other and started dating. Their relationship lasted for six years before they decided to tie the knot.

How long has Boban been married?

When did Boban get married? Boban wedded his wife in two different ceremonies. The first ceremony was held on July 3, 2014, at a beach in Mexico, followed by another on July 13 2014 in Belgrade, Serbia.


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