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Jerry Rice, a three-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame inductee, is regarded as the greatest NFL wide receiver ever.

A wide receiver is an essential position in gridiron football, and Jerry Rice is one of the greats in the position. As a result, Jerry Rice’s net worth is a whopping $50 million.

Over the course of his 22 seasons in the NFL, he played the most with the San Francisco 49ers.

Jerry Rice (Source: Athlon Sports)
Jerry Rice (Source: Athlon Sports)

Jerry Rice worked with the American Red Cross to promote blood donation and assist in saving lives in April 2022.

He is also serving EasyKnock as their Brand Ambassador.

Today, we’ll talk entirely about the Starkville native.

Quick Facts | Jerry Rice

Full Name Jerry Lee Rice Sr. 
Known As Jerry Rice
Birth Date October 13, 1962
Birth Place Starkville, Mississippi
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Horoscope Libra
Age 61 Years Old
Father’s name Joe Nathan Rice
Mother’s name Eddie Rice
Sibling DJ Thump, Tom Rice
High School Moor High School
College Mississippi Valley State University (from 1980–1984)
Marital Status Married
  • Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell (m. 1987–2009) 
  • Latisha Pelayo (2019- 2022)
Children Brenden Rice, Jerry Rice Jr., Jaqui Bonet Rice, Jada Symone Rice
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m) (188 cm)
Weight 91 kgs (201 lbs)
Body Measurements Unknown
Build Athletic
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Bald
Shoe size 12 ½
Profession Football Player
NFL Draft 1885 (1st round) San Francisco 49ers
Retired year 2006
Position Wide Receiver
Jersey number
  • 80 (San Francisco 49ers)
  • 80 (Las Vegas Raiders)
  • 88 (Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils Football )
  • 80 (Seattle Seahawks)
  • 19 (Denver Broncos)
Played Teams
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Denver Broncos
Affiliation National Football League (NFL)
Total Championship Rings 3
Rings Won With San Francisco 49ers (1988,1989,1994)
Net Worth $50 million
Currently lives In Atherton, California
Merch Photo-collage
Social Media Handles InstagramTwitter
Last Update July, 2024

Jerry Rice Net Worth | Short Bio On The NFL Star

Jerry Lee Rice Sr. was born on October 13, 1962, in Starkville, Mississippi, in the United States of America.

He was born to his parents, Joe Nathan Rice and Eddie Rice. A few years later, his family relocated to a nearby town called Crawford. Rice’s father was a brick mason.

Whereas his mother’s occupation remains in the dark. The Mississippi-born enrolled in B.L. Moor High School in Oktoc, Mississippi, U.S.

At an early age, Jerry was passionate about football. However, his mother was skeptical and prohibited Rice from playing football.

It was up to fate to step in. One day the school’s principal noticed Jerry’s frequent absence.

When the principal confronted Rice, he sprinted away with such a pace that the headmaster consulted the football coach to place him on the team.

Jerry Rice Net Worth, Young
A Young Jerry Rice During His College Years (Source: Pinterest)

The Mississippian engaged in other sports like basketball and track and field to build stamina. After moving to Mississippi Valley State Valley University, Rice was a first-choice receiver and could catch anything thrown at him.

Together with fellow teammate Willie Toten, both became prominent as “The Satellite Express.” Their record was awe-inspiring, and they made a mark in the NCAA.

In Division I-AA, he set a record in 1983 and the next year broke it himself.

The two players were so phenomenal that the school named the stadium “Rice-Toten Stadium” to honor their best players.

Rice’s record-breaking, sensational performance got noticed by many NFL scouts. Ultimately 49ers signed him.

Excellence Is More Than A Practice

Jerry Rice is best known for his unwavering consistency, hard work, and dedication. Even when it comes to his workout routine, he was famous for his hustle on the team. 

Often, Jerry would be the last one to leave the training.

He conducted his own six-day-a-week off-season workouts.

During his workout days, he would devote his mornings to cardiovascular work, five-mile trail, and wind sprints. 

Following it, he would do his weight training in the afternoon. 

Jerry Rice Net Worth | Career Earnings, Endorsements, & Businesses

With a career ranging from the Francisco 49ers, and Oakland Raiders to Seattle Seahawks, the American earned a close $42.4 million in his 20 years long career. Rice’s net worth would increase significantly if he signed with the Denver Broncos.

Nonetheless, his decision to retire didn’t stop him from earning a little extra cash. On the other hand, the wide receiver pocketed a signing record of a $4 million bonus.

Likewise, Jerry made a $1.6 million salary, cashing in a $5.6 million total pay in 1996.

The NFL star started with a base salary of $700 k and ended his career with $876,470. In addition, the American averaged a median wage of $2 million throughout his playing tenure.

Jerry’s career highlight was sure to follow him in retirement. Subsequently, the former receiver was featured in several media.

Jerry Rose Net Worth (Source: KIdadl)
Jerry Rose Net Worth (Source: Kidadl)

In the same way, Rice was part of Visa, All Sport, and Gatorade.

In like manner, the former NFL player appeared in Dancing with the Stars, pairing with Anna Trebunskaya, and even reached the finals.

Rice delved into acting with the movie Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling and the sitcom Rules of Engagement.

Apart from these, the retired player co-authored the book Rice and Go Long: My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame. As of recent, Rice co-hosted Sports Sunday, broadcasted in San Francisco Bay Area.

Notwithstanding, Jerry actively supports the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Above all, the 61-year-old established and endorsed several organizations like Jerry Rice 127 Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Jerry Rice | Career Stats

Year Team G Rec Yds Avg TD Att Yds Avg TD
1985 San Francisco 49ers 16 49 927 18.9 3 6 26 4.3 1
1986 San Francisco 49ers 16 86 1,570 18.3 15 10 72 7.2 1
1987 San Francisco 49ers 12 65 1,078 16.6 22 8 51 6.4 1
1988 San Francisco 49ers 16 64 1,306 20.4 9 13 107 8.2 1
1989 San Francisco 49ers 16 82 1,483 18.1 17 5 33 6.6 0
1990 San Francisco 49ers 16 100 1,502 15.0 13 2 0 0.0 0
1991 San Francisco 49ers 16 80 1,206 15.1 14 1 2 2.0 0
1992 San Francisco 49ers 16 84 1,201 14.3 10 9 58 6.4 1
1993 San Francisco 49ers 16 98 1,503 15.3 15 3 69 23.0 1
1994 San Francisco 49ers 16 112 1,499 13.4 13 7 93 13.3 2
1995 San Francisco 49ers 16 122 1,848 15.1 15 5 36 7.2 1
1996 San Francisco 49ers 16 108 1,254 11.6 8 11 77 7.0 1
1997 San Francisco 49ers 2 7 78 11.1 1 1 -10 -10.0 0
1998 San Francisco 49ers 16 82 1,157 14.1 9
1999 San Francisco 49ers 16 67 830 12.4 5 2 13 6.5 0
2000 San Francisco 49ers 16 75 805 10.7 7 1 -2 -2.0 0
2001 Oakland Raiders 16 83 1,139 13.7 9
2002 Oakland Raiders 16 92 1,211 13.2 7 3 20 6.7.0 0
2003 Oakland Raiders 16 63 869 13.8 2
2004 Oakland/Seattle 17 30 429 14.3 3
Career Total 303 1,549 22,895 14.8 197 87 645 7.4 10

Jerry Rice Net Worth | Houses, Cars, & Lifestyle

To begin with, the retired NFL star owned a luxurious $9 million mansion. It isn’t just any fancy-looking house; it’s a smart house. You heard it correctly. Not a single penny got used on useless purchases.

To illustrate, the house had six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a movie theatre, a pool house, and a gift-wrapping room.

It sounds strange, but it is cool at the same. Jerry Rice’s net worth would be meaningless without a bit of spending, right?

In addition, the custom-made house gives the owner full autonomy over the house. Whether the owner is a few miles away or across seven seas, the satellite system built in the house is accessible from anywhere on Earth.

Moving on, the pool house sits in a large area, which gives the vibe of some luxurious hotel pool but just with some special modesty to it.

The Entrance To Jerry Rice’s Smart Home (Source: Pinterest)

Likewise, the large acre of land houses a deck where family or guests can sit back and enjoy themselves in front of a green yard.

A separate dining table is present in cases of the arrival of many guests. Further, the gift-wrapping room is technically a state-of-art commodity stocked with various wrapping papers.

Other Area Of Smart House

Most importantly, the kitchen is what attracts more attention. Some striking designs include a few overhanging lamps, a large counter, a beautifully ornated wall, a double wall oven, and a neatly lined cabinet to place cutleries.

We can talk about the great space all day, but we would like to add more. There is a private home office, a theatre room that seats almost 9-12 people, a cozy breakfast nook, and a gym room.

In 2007, Jerry listed it for $22 million but, as of late, sold it for $9 million. Buyers will be lucky to have this accommodation for such a reasonable price. Above all, the compound comes with a large backyard.

At present, Rice owns a mansion in Atherton, California. In particular, the exquisite residence took exactly a year to design and three years to build. The house has designer furniture, a gym room, a theatre, and a pool.

Jerry lives with her wife, Latisha Pelayo, whom he has dated since 2008. The couple got  married on October 21, 2019,


Now, let’s move to his car collections. The NFL receiver owns a yellow Lamborghini Diablo, which cost him about $690 k. There must be several collections that do not make public mention.

Cars, Jerry Rice Net Worth
Jerry Rice’s Lamborghini Diablo. (Source: Pinterest)

Jerry fondly travels with his wife to exotic and adventurous locations during his leisure time.

The retired NFL icon, a major golf fan, passes the time on the golf course.

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Jerry Rice | 2022 Update

Jerry Rice has overcome his fear of needles by working with the American Red Cross to promote blood donation and assist in saving lives in April 2022.

American Red Cross Collaboration With Jerry Rice
American Red Cross- Jerry Rice (Source: RedCrossPhilly Blog)

With his new partnership, the NFL legend hopes to make a difference.

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, he stated that he wants to raise awareness of the American Red Cross’s need for blood donations for transfusions, sickle cell disease, victims of car accidents, and women experiencing difficulties during childbirth.

Brand Ambassador To EasyKnock

Jerry rice in 2022 will serve as Brand Ambassador to EasyKnock, as announced.

EasyKnock description,

“EasyKnock’s innovative service provides an alternative to traditional financing options by enabling homeowners to convert the equity they have worked hard to build by selling their home, getting the cash they need, and remaining in their home as a renter”.

 This collaboration will undoubtedly help Jerry earn even more.

Jerry Rice | Social Media Presence


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jerry Rice (@jerryrice)

Jerry Rice | The Popularity Graph

 Rice’s graph illustrates a fair amount of rise and mobility.

Jerry Rice, The Search Graph (Source: Google Trend)
Jerry Rice, The Search Graph (Source: Google Trend)

This portrays that he is famous and holds a good net worth.

Jerry Rice | Quotes

  • “Today, I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”
  • “To me, it was never about what I accomplished on the football field; it was about the way I played the game.”
  • “The game of life requires the edge that chiropractic care provides.”
  • “I think my secret is that there are no shortcuts for hard work, determination, and having that don’t give up attitude.”

Jerry Rice | FAQs

What is a Jerry Rice rookie card worth? How much does his scorecard cost?

Jerry Rice’s rookie card is worth $31 k as of this writing. As for his scorecard, it costs around $100. 

How many super bowl rings does Jerry Rice have?

During Jerry’s 15-year career with the San Francisco 49ers, he won three Super Bowls (Super Bowl XXIII (’88)), Super Bowl XXIV (’89), and SB XXIX (’94)) and one Super Bowl MVP.

Is Jerry Rice good?

Jerry Rice is considered one of the greatest wide receivers in the National Football League history. He is known as a once-in-a-lifetime talent and one of the best players.

He is the NFL’s all-time leader in yards, receptions, and touchdowns. Likewise, he has won three Super Bowls, holding nearly every single season and career receiving record available.

What year did Jerry Rice play for the Oakland Raiders?

Jerry Rice has played with many teams, including the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders, from the (2001–2004) season.

How old was Jerry Rice when he left the 49ers?

Jerry Rice played with the San Francisco 49ers for a fair amount of time, and at 43, he left the 49ers.

What team did Jerry Rice retire with?

On August 24, 2006, Jerry Rice officially retired as a 49er after signing a one-day contract for $1,985,806.49. 

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