Milos Raonic Parents Dusan And Vesna- Brother Momir And Jelena

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Milos Raonic parents’ sacrifices and encouragement have played an instrumental role in shaping his successful career.

The 2016 Tennis Canada male player of the year attributes his success to his parents’ unwavering support and sacrifices.

His father sought help from coach Casey Curtis setting Milos on the path to tennis greatness.

Milos’s parents supported him wholeheartedly throughout his growth as a player and never interfered with his coaching.

Milos Raonic With His Family
Milos Raonic With His Family (Source: Facebook)

Milos Raonic, a Canadian professional tennis player, has left an indelible mark on the tennis world. 

Born on December 27, 1990, in Podgorica, Montenegro (formerly Titograd, SFR Yugoslavia), Raonic is of Serb heritage.

He is the first Canadian man in the Open Era to reach the semifinals of the Australian Open, the quarterfinals of the French Open, and the final of Wimbledon.

Having turned professional in September 2008, Raonic initially played both singles and doubles, participating in ITF Futures and ATP Challenger tournaments.

His hard work paid off when he reached the fourth round of the 2011 Australian Open as a qualifier.

Subsequently, he clinched his first ATP Tour title, earning him the 2011 ATP Newcomer of the Year award.

Raonic’s career highlights include a major final at the 2016 Wimbledon Championships and semifinal appearances at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships and the 2016 Australian Open.

These achievements propelled him to the highest ranking ever attained by a Canadian player, reaching world No. 3 in singles in November 2016.

Raonic has faced challenges despite his successes, particularly with calf and right leg injuries. These setbacks necessitated multiple hiatuses.

Milos Raonic Parents

Milos Raonic, the Canadian tennis superstar was born to Dusan and Vesna Raonic.

Raonic’s father holds a PhD in electrical engineering, while his mother possesses mechanical and computer engineering degrees.

Milos grew up in Brampton, Ontario, after his family moved to Canada from Yugoslavia in 1994 due to the ethnic conflict and limited professional opportunities.

It was during this time that Raonic’s passion for tennis emerged.

Seeking proper guidance, his father approached coach Casey Curtis at the Blackmore Tennis Club in neighboring Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Raonic’s parents drove him to practice sessions and tournaments and contributed in any way possible to facilitate their son’s training.

Milos Raonic With His Father Dusan Raonic
Milos Raonic With His Father Dusan Raonic (Source: Facebook)

Raonic’s parents never imposed their aspirations on him or interfered with his coaching.

Instead, they emphasized the importance of academics, insisting that he maintain excellence in his studies and tennis pursuits.

In an interview, Raonic expressed his gratitude, acknowledging his family’s indispensable role in his journey to success.

He said, “I think it’s impossible for me to be where I am without the support of my family and the support of my mother.”

Milos Raonic Siblings

The 8-time ATP Tour titles winner Milos Raonic wasn’t the only child of his parents; he grew up with two supportive siblings.

The eldest of the three Raonic siblings, Milos’s sister, Jelena, who is eleven years older than him, has a master’s degree in international trade and finance from Ryerson.

Moreover,  she is married and has two children, but not many details are available on her personal life and kids.

Milos Raonic With His Sister Jelena, Brother Momir And His Niece
Milos Raonic With His Sister Jelena, Brother Momir And Niece (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, Momir, nine years older than Milos, has an information technology and business degree from York University.

Despite their age differences, Jelena and Momir have constantly seen attending their younger brother’s games.

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