Misty May Treanor Partner Matt Treanor Is A Baseball Pro

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Misty May Treanor, a retired American professional beach volleyball player, is married to her partner Matt Treanor.

Misty’s partner, Matt Treanor, is a well-known sports personality who made a name for himself in baseball.

Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May Treanor
Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May Treanor (Source: Quora)

Misty May initiated her beach volleyball career with Kerri Walsh Jennings, an indoor volleyball competitor from the Sydney Olympics, in 2002.

In 2003, the duo secured 90 consecutive victories and triumphed in all the eight tournaments they entered. This included defeating the reigning Brazilian champions in the final.

Additionally, they made history as the first American female duo to claim gold in beach volleyball.

At the Beijing Olympics, May and Walsh secured their 108th consecutive victory, marking their 14th consecutive win at the Olympics as a pair.

Who Is Misty May Treanor Partner?

Misty May met Major League Baseball (MLB) player Matt Treanor at a sports therapy facility in California, and the two tied the knot in November 2004.

Matthew Aaron Treanor is a retired American professional baseball catcher in MLB.

Treanor graduated from Mater Dei High School, earning recognition as a second-team All-America selection.

Misty May Treanor Partner Matt Treanor
Misty May Treanor Partner Matt Treanor (Source: Page Six)

Furthermore, in the 1994 MLB draft, Treanor was selected by the Kansas City Royals while he was still in high school.

Treanor had dedicated a decade to the minor leagues when he eventually marked his Major League Baseball debut in 2004.

In a notable moment during that season, he secured his first RBI with a walk-off single against the Chicago White Sox.

In 2010, Treanor achieved a double and a home run against the White Sox, marking the game where he attained his initial extra-base hits while playing for the Rangers.

Matt Treanor’s nine-season career spanned five teams, notably the Marlins and Rangers.

He achieved a .221 batting average throughout this time, tallying 281 hits, 18 home runs, 129 RBIs, and 120 runs scored.

His retirement took place on May 8, 2014.

How Did Misty And Matt Get Together? 

Misty met the love of her life, Matt Treanor, while attending a physical therapy session for her leg injury at the Sports Medicine Institute in California.

It turns out that Matt was coincidentally recovering from surgery on his left knee, leading to their unexpected encounter.

Their busy schedules initially bound them, resulting in very minimal conversations.

Misty Treanor With The Love Of Her Life - Matt Treanor
Misty Treanor With The Love Of Her Life – Matt Treanor (Source: Pinterest)

Later, they were compelled to converse during a night out arranged by fellow athletes undergoing rehab at SMI and instantly connected.

Unable to resist the impulse, Matt proposed to her two months after their first date, asking for her hand in marriage.

The dynamic couple married in November of 2004 and have been together ever since

They also reside in Coral Springs, Florida, and possess a house in Long Beach, California.

After 10 years of marriage, Misty gave birth to Malia Barbara, her daughter, on June 3, 2014.

On November 9, 2017, the couple later welcomed two non-identical twin girls, Mele Elizarin and Mia Kanoelani.

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