Who Is Monica Spoelstra Metz? Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra Sister

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As of late, NBA fans are keen on knowing more about the sister of Erik Spoelstra, Monica Spoelstra Metz. We have decided to address this issue.

The professional basketball coach, Erik Spoelstra, was born on November 1, 1970, in Evanston, Illinois. 

Spoelstra is currently affiliated with the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

Nicknamed “Spo” or “Coach Spo,” he has managed to bag two NBA championships for the team acting as the head coach.

Spoelstra Feeling The Heat In A Miami Heat Game
Spoelstra Feeling The Heat In A Miami Heat Game (Source: Basketball Insiders)

Additionally, he is also the first Asian-American head coach in the history of the four major North American sports leagues.

Most of his childhood was spent in Buffalo, New York, and he later moved to Portland, Oregon, somewhere around the 1970s.

Spoelstra always imagined being a basketball coach but only for high school or college teams.

He says that never in a million years did he see himself being where he is today.

We can say that he has achieved the American Dream by working his way up the coaching ranks.

Getting To Know Monica Spoelstra 

Monica Spoelstra is the elder sister of the Miami Heats coach Erik Spoelstra. 

She is a certified health coach & cooking expert and shares her recipes online. 

Monica shares insightful food recipes and kitchen management tips on her social media and website.

She can be said to be “Ultra conscious” when it comes to health and nutrition from food, as she describes herself as the girl who brings a salad to the party in her Facebook bio.

 Erik Spoelstra Sister Monica Spoelstra Metz With Her Family
Monica Spoelstra Metz With Her Family (Source: Facebook)

She has recently started a new Instagram page from February 28, 2023, where she explicitly describes her vision. 

Monica is also a feminist and shares a vision of trying to empower women, especially those who are starting to age. 

In a post, she speaks out on how aging is affecting women’s confidence and making them sad.

She mentions that she seeks to help out her fellow ladies with mental health issues by offering ideas and conversations and sharing habits, practices, and rituals.

Monica is currently married and has a son named Alonzo.

Meet Erik Spoelstra Wife Nikki Sapp

Erik Spoelstra tied the knot in 2016 with Nikki Sapp, who was a former team cheerleader for the Miami Heat. 

It is reported that Spoelstra met Sapp when she was still cheerleading for the team.

The pair began dating after Nikki left the team when she was working as a director at the Hollywood art gallery.

Nikki is a perfect example of beauty with brains. She went to college at the Miami International University of Art & Design.

Eric Spoelstra Wife Nikki With Her Kids
Eric Spoelstra’s Wife, Nikki, With Her Kids (Source: Instagram)

She studied on full scholarship there and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

In addition, Nikki was a Gallery Director at the Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery located in West Hollywood.

Spoelstra’s wife also runs a podcast which was just moved into the TOP 2% of podcasts globally. She discusses mental health issues in that podcast. 

She is a Formula 1 fan and a fashionista who tries to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

As of this writing, Nikki boasts a following of about 28.6k on her Instagram handle @nikkisappspo.

The couple has three lovely children, two sons, and a beautiful daughter. 

Their eldest son, Santiago, was born in March 2018, whereas their second son, Dante, was born in December 2019.

Their daughter, Ruby, was born on September 26, 2022.

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