Monty Williams Becomes Highest Paid NBA Coach

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Monty Williams is now the highest paid NBA coach after agreeing on a deal with Detroit Pistons.

The American professional basketball coach started his coaching career as an assistant at Portland Trail Blazers in 2005.

Since then, he has coached for New Orleans Pelicans, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns.

Detroit Pistons New Head Coach Monty Williams
Detroit Pistons New Head Coach Monty Williams (Source: Twitter)

During his time with the Phoenix Suns, he led the team to the playoffs in four straight seasons, including an appearance in the 2021 NBA Finals.

The player-turned-coach received the 2022 NBA Coach of the Year award. In addition, he has also won NBCA Coach of the Year twice in 2021 and 2022.

Unfortunately, the Suns fired him after the Denver Nuggets defeated them in the Western Conference semifinals.

Highest Paid NBA Coach

On May 31, 2023, Monty Williams reportedly inked a deal with Detroit Pistons for six years worth $78.5 million.

He will be the highest-paid coach in the NBA, with an average annual salary of $12 million.

Based on team options and incentives, the deal could potentially extend up to eight years with a value of $100 million.

Previous Contract With Phoenix Suns

Monty Williams signed a five-year contract with Phoenix Suns on May 3, 2019.

Later, on July 27, 2022, he agreed a multi-year contract extension with the Suns.

Monty Williams During His Time At Phoenix Suns With Kevin Durant
Monty Williams During His Time At Phoenix Suns With Kevin Durant (Source: New York Post)

Unfortunately, specific details regarding the contract were not disclosed to the public.

According to the sources, Monty had three years and $21 million left on his contract before the Suns fired him.

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