Morgan Lake Partner: More On Her Parents And Family

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British high jumper Morgan Lake has a large fan base. Her fans are always curious to know more about her. Who is Morgan Lake partner? Read till the end to find out. 

Morgan Lake has kept her private life and professional life separate.

Despite being the highlight of the media, the player has managed to keep her information about her partner secret.

Morgan Lake Graduation Photo With His Mom And Dad
Morgan Lake Graduation Photo With His Mom And Dad (Source: Instagram)

Morgan Lake, a silver medal winner at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, was born on May 12, 1997.

She stood fourth at the 2018 World Indoor Championships and sixth at the 2017 World Athletics Championships.

Also, Morgan became the first British woman to reach an Olympic high jump final at the 2016 Rio Olympics since Debbie Marti in 1992.

Not only that, the athlete was also a champion of the 2015 European U20 high jump. In 2014, the silver medalist earned the title of heptathlete and won the high jump World U20 championship.

At the same time, the player also broke the record for the world indoor U-18 pentathlon.

Morgan Lake Partner: Is She In A Relationship?

Morgan Lake gained a huge following for her outstanding capabilities at the high jump. The media and the fans included the athlete in various rumors and stories.

However, there are no rumors or controversies that conclude Lake is in a relationship. But she has posted a photo that may lead to suspicion of her being romantically involved with someone.

On September 7, 2022, Lake posted photos when she went to Kefalonia, Greece, where she also posted a photo of a man. Again, on September 9, 2022, the player posted pictures on Gloria Maris that included the same man.

Morgan's Instagram Post Of Her Vacation
Morgan’s Instagram Post Of Her Vacation (Source: Instagram)

So, from these pictures, we can assume that she is in a relationship with someone. But she has not mentioned his name or publicly announced it yet, so we cannot confirm her partner.

Morgan Lake Parents

Morgan Lake was born to her father, Eldon Lake, and her mother, Sara Lake. Eldon and Sara were always behind their daughter’s incredible journey.

Eldon Lake himself was a former professional athlete and a British junior international triple jumper. The former athlete is also a coach for her daughter.

Morgan Lake was influenced by his father to be an athlete. She gains all the guidance and expertise from his father’s experience.

Currently, her father is working as a director of PUBTRACK. Although not much is known about her mother, Sara, it is known that her consistent support has contributed to Morgan’s growth as an athlete and as a person.

Morgan Lake’s Missing Cousin

Lyla Lake, the cousin of the athlete, went missing from her home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, on December 21, 2022. 

Lyla was not found despite thorough searches in her hometown; moreover, police claimed they were “extremely concerned” about her welfare.

Morgan Lake Cousin, Lyla And Uncle, Nathan
Morgan Lake Cousin, Lyla And Uncle, Nathan (Source: Twitter)

The father of the missing girl, Nathan, recorded a video for her daughter in which he mentioned that Lyla, 13 years old, is insecure and naive for her age. He then said that his daughter would never be out after 8 p.m. without them.

‘Someone must know something. Lyla, if you are watching this, Daddy loves you so much. Nathan added.

After this video was posted, a spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary claimed that he saw the lake’s cousin in Simmons Walk at around 10 p.m.

Moreover, after lots of investigations and analyzing CCTV footage, the police informed the Lake family and confirmed that their beautiful girl Lyla had been found safe.

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