12 Golfer with Most Hole in Ones on PGA Tour

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Nothing is more important to a golfer than achieving a hole-in-one when it comes to golf. This is a dream achievement in every golfer’s career. So, today we have compiled the list of golfers with the most hole-in-ones on tour.

To elaborate, one must hit a tiny ball into an equally small hole 300+ yards away. Call it impossible. Only talent isn’t enough; one needs a bit of luck too.

Robert Allenby (Source: Golf Digest)
Robert Allenby (Source: Golf Digest)

So, we will discuss these excellent golfers who successfully attained one of the most significant feats a golfer could dream of. 

12 Golfer with Most Hole in Ones on PGA Tour

So, here’s a quick look at today’s ranking. 

S.N. Name Country
12 Charles Howell III USA
11 Gibby Gilbert USA
10 Greg Chalmers Australia
9 Willie Wood USA
8 Lanny Wadkins USA
7 Corey Pavin USA
6 Bob Tway USA
5 Scott Hoch USA
4 Gil Morgan USA
3 Hubert Green USA
2 Hal Sutton USA
1 Robert Allenby Australia

12. Charles Howell III

Number of aces achieved: 6

Nicknamed the Chucky Three Sticks, you would have already guessed how he was in his prime. However, the nickname itself describes how Charles Howell was during his youth. 

Plus, Charles is also featured in the top 15 golfers ranking. Similarly, he was ranked 9th in the 2002 PGA Tour money list. 

Charles Howell iii
Charles Howell iii (Source: Flickr)

Besides, he is also known as the most consistent player on tours, achieving over 90 top-ten finishes throughout his career. Not to mention, he has bagged around 38 million dollars from the sport. 

In his most recent PGA tour in 2018, he had around 3 victories. 

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11. Gibby Gilbert

Number of aces achieved: 6

Ranked 11th on the most hole-in-ones on tour ranking, Gibby Gilbert is an American professional golfer who has won multiple tournaments on different tours.

Inspired by his father, Gibby started playing golf at 13. But, he only started playing professionally in 1965. And followed this, he joined the PGA Tour in 1967. Plus, he started working at Hillcrest Country Club as an assistant professional in 1966.  

Gibby Gilbert
Gibby Gilbert (Source: Facebook)

Besides his wins, Gibby has always found himself helping young golfers develop their skills in the sport. Also, he has been making annual appearances for the Tennessee PGA’s Junior Gold Academy since 1973. 

During his free time, Gilbert likes to go hunting and fishing. But, most importantly, Gibby’s name is in the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame and the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame. 

10. Greg Chalmers

Number of aces achieved: 6

The second Australian player on this list, Greg Chalmers, is a professional golfer with one of the most hole-in-ones on tour. 

Greg is a two-time victor of the Australian Open, playing mainly in the PGA Tour of Australasia and PGA Tour. Similarly, in 2016, he also won the Barracuda Championship. It only took him four years to earn his PGA Tour card. 

Greg Chalmers
Greg Chalmers

Guess what happened next? He sank in 6 aces following his attainment of the PGA Tour card. Nevertheless, he mostly seems to shine when playing in Australia because most of his achievements were achieved in his home country. 

9. Willie Wood

Number of aces achieved: 7

Sharing the same name as the most famous Green Bay Packer legend, Willie Wood is an American professional golfer with his own story. 

Starting his professional career in 1983, Willie most notably hit 7 holes-in-one. In addition, Willie also claimed victory in one tournament in 1996. 

Willie Wood
Willie Wood

Although he wasn’t as prominent as an adult, he slowly aced to the top on his Championship Tours, just like during his Junior division. Willie still plays golf to this day.

8. Lanny Wadkins

Number of aces achieved: 7

Ranked as a golfer with one of the most hole-in-ones on tour, Lanny Wadkins is the 8th-ranking professional American golfer. 

Not just this, Wadkins was also ranked as one of the top 10 golfers in the Official World Golf Ranking for 85 weeks. However, if Arnold Palmer wasn’t there to influence Wadkins, I wonder if Wadkins would have been what he is today.

Lanny Wadkins
Lanny Wadkins

After all, it was Palmer who provided a scholarship to Wadkins for attending Wake Forest University. Following this, Wadkins repaid Palmer by barely defeating him in the Sahara Invitational in his 2nd year as a professional. 

From then on, Wadkins became very successful and also went on to win the 1977 PGA Championship. 

7. Corey Pavin

Number of aces achieved: 7

Corey Pavin is a professional golfer from America. Moreover, this professional is currently on the PGA Tour Champions, playing multiple PGA Tours.

Not to forget that this legend spent more than 159 weeks in the top 10 Official World Golf Ranking. Out of that, the most prestigious was when he ranked 2nd in June 1996. 

Corey Pavin
Corey Pavin

In addition, Pavin won 15 events during the PGA Tour, followed by his crowning of the 1991 Player of the Year award, not to forget his primary victory in the 1995 U.S. Open. 

Likewise, Pavin has six other victories in other professional international golf events. As a result, he is the winner of five continents. 

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6. Bob Tway

Number of aces achieved: 7

With 7 hole-in-ones, Bob Tway is the 6th ranking golfer with the most hole-in-ones on tour.

Not to mention, this American professional golfer has won multiple tournaments, including eight PGA Tours. How can we forget he spent 25 weeks in the top 10 spots of the Official World Golf Ranking?

Bob Tway
Bob Tway (Source: Youtube)

In addition, during his rookie years, he was a big name who won the PGA Championship and became the Player of the Year. 

How can we forget his iconic shot where he most impressively shot escaping a sand trap straight into the 18th hole? This shot is considered one of the best hits in PGA Tour history.

5. Scott Hoch

Number of aces achieved: 7

Americans dominate the golf community because our number 5th is an American professional golfer. Besides, he also represented the States in the Ryder Cup in 1997 and 2002. 

However, even with bad lucks and a problematic attitude, the golfer Scott Hoch was once known for “winning” a Least Popular Golfer poll. So imagine how he must have felt. 

Scott Hoch
Scott Hoch

As upsetting as it sounds, Scott did not let it define him. Because he slowly started rebuilding his reputation with a couple of impressive wins. How can we forget his 7 amazing aces throughout his PGA career?

Without it, he wouldn’t have made it to the most hole-in-ones on tour listing. 

4. Gil Morgan

Number of aces achieved: 8

With a total of 8 hole-in-ones, Gil Morgan is easily the 4th ranking player in the most hole-in-ones on tour listing. 

Moreover, this American professional is a golfer and a Doctor of Optometry. 

Gil Morgan
Gil Morgan

In his golfing career, Morgan won seven PGA Tour events between 1977 and 1990. Here, he had one of the top five finishers. 

Similarly, in 1978, he won the PGA Tour World Series of Gold. This was the most notable achievement of his career. 

Besides, he was known for playing these tournaments without practice. 

Also, in his Champion’s Tour in 1996, he secured 25 wins; out of this, 3 of his wins went in the senior majors. 

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3. Hubert Green

Number of aces achieved: 8

The last score in single digits we have Hubert Green. Ranking 3rd in the most hole-in-ones on tour ranking, Hubert is an American professional golfer with 29 professional wins.

In addition, he also has two other major championships on his win list; the PGA Championship of 1985 and the U.S. Opens of 1977. Not to forget, he is also the World Golf Hall of Famer of 2007. 

The late Hubert Green (Source: PGA Tour)
The late Hubert Green (Source: PGA Tour)

However, in one of the games in 1977, the police informed Hubert about a death threat made towards him during the Open Championships. Unfazed by this, Hubert went on to finish the tournament third. From this point onward, his career bloomed like never. 

2. Hal Sutton

Number of aces achieved: 10

One of the only two professional golfers with 10 hole-in-ones, Hal Sutton, is easily one of the top players with the most hole-in-ones on tour record. 

Talking about his career, Sutton is an American professional playing on the PGA Tour Championships. He has achieved 14 victories, including his PGA Tours, significant championships, 1983 Tournament Player, and PGA Championships. 

Hal Sutton
Hal Sutton (Source: Facebook)

He was the Player of the Year, most notably winning the 1983 PGA Tour. Unfortunately, the early 90s went on a bit slower. However, Sutton received another Player of the year in 1994. 

1. Robert Allenby

Number of aces achieved: 10

In a ranking dominated by the Americans who knew an Australian would ace all records. Yes, Robert Allenby, the golfer with most hole-in-ones on tour. 

Besides Sutton, Robert is the only other player with 10 hole-in-ones recorded. It doesn’t stop here because, given the age and outstanding plays, it might not be long for him to hit another hole-in-one to top all rankings. 

Robert Allenby (Source: Golf Digest)
Robert Allenby (Source: Golf Digest)

However, successes like these aren’t new for Robert because he is the same rookie player who won the Australasia Order of Merit. Imagine winning such a prestigious title during your rookie years. 

In addition, Robert doesn’t just sit around playing home games; he travels worldwide playing series. 


Most golfers mentioned here are aged gentlemen, but age didn’t stop them from getting aces. Nor did it stop them from spreading their charisma and knowledge. This is what makes them so unique and among the best. 

The golfing community respects these individuals for what they have achieved and done. 

So, who’s your favorite golfer? Is it Tiger Woods? Let us know if we guessed it wrong. 

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