Nate Oats Daughter: Lexie, Jocie & Brielle With Wife Crystal

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When talking about Nate Oats Daughter, you might just know each of their names. We have written an in-depth article on all of them.

Oats has inspired all of his daughters to play one form of sport or the other according to their interests. 

Nate Oats Walking Through The Stadium
Nate Oats Walking Through The Stadium (Source: Instagram)

The American basketball coach Nate Oats was born on October 13, 1974. He is currently serving as the head basketball coach at the University of Alabama.

Oats grew up in Watertown, Wisconsin, and was a three-year starter for the Maranatha Academy high school basketball team.

After high school, he stayed in Watertown to play collegiate basketball at Maranatha Baptist University, which competes in NCCAA Division II/NCAA Division III.

Oats became an all-conference player and Crusaders captain while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education.

He later graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Master of Science in kinesiology and exercise science.

After concluding his time as a player at Maranatha Baptist, Oats joined the team’s coaching staff in 1997 and remained there until 2000.

He later worked as an assistant basketball coach for the men’s team at the Division III University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Let’s Talk About Nate Oats Daughter: Lexie, Jocie And Brielle

Nate Oats is blessed with three lovely daughters: Lexie being the oldest then Jocie and Brielle. 

Lexie is currently 19 years old as she was born on March 21, 2004. 

Lexie Oats is a student at The University of Alabama, majoring in Communication Studies and Sports Hospitality. Additionally, she works as a hostess at Chuck’s Fish Tuscaloosa.

Lexie is full of life and she loves to have fun every chance she gets. She loves going to parties with her friends and wearing trendy outfits. 

Lexie also serves as the Health and Wellness Coordinator for the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, where she contributes her time and efforts to volunteering initiatives.

Additionally, she also used to play volleyball during her high school days. She claims that she started playing before the age of eight. 

Nate Oats WIth All Of His Daughters And Wife
Nate Oats With All Of His Daughters And Wife (Source: Instagram)

Oat’s middle daughter Jocie was born on May 23, 2009, and she is as athletic as her dad. 

She goes to the American Christian Academy and is expected to graduate in the year 2027. 

Jocie plays soccer and volleyball there and seems to be very good at both of the sport. 

Like her sister, Jocie also loves attending parties with her friends. On top of that, she also loves travelling.

She has recently visited Paris in the August of 2022. Brielle is the youngest one in the house but there is not a lot of information about her. 

Nate Jokes About Lighting Issues At Auburn 

The lighting problem at Coleman Coliseum during Alabama’s basketball game against Auburn resulted in an unexpected delay just minutes into the contest.

Alabama’s head coach, Nate Oats, stated that the lights, particularly the red ones from the pregame introductions, failed to switch over to the regular lighting.

This resulted in the arena being underlit. This sparked conversations among officials, coaches, and Alabama’s athletic director, Greg Byrne.

Oats raised worries about fairness and making sure both sides of the court had equal lighting.

Nate Oats Telling His Player About The Next Strategy
Nate Oats Telling His Player About The Next Strategy (Source: Instagram)

Despite the interruption, the game continued after approximately 15 minutes, with Alabama winning 79-75.

Oats later made fun of the scenario, claiming that Auburn played better with the lights turned off, implying that they should have asked to keep them off.

Auburn coach Bruce Pearl also made light of the issue, stating that if Alabama wanted an entirely new stadium, they didn’t have to turn off the lights.

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