NBA World Reacts To LeBron James Potential Retirement After 20 Seasons

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Already 38 and still outlining the youngsters on the court, the NBA living legend LeBron James is now on trends for his potential retirement after 20 seasons. No doubt, it made a buzz among the netizens & social media is on fire!

A day after the Lakers’ small forward Carmelo Anthony officiated his retirement, another pillar of the franchise, LeBron “King” James, leashed a probability to enjoy the games in seats than on the court.

James' Potential Retirement Came After His Statement In A Post-Game Conference After A Loss To Nuggets
James’ Potential Retirement Came After His Statement In A Post-Game Conference After A Loss To The Nuggets (Source: Basketball Network)

In the post-game conference on May 23, 2023, after losing by 111-113 to the Nuggets, King James came up with a contemplated retirement statement.

Regarding his future with the Lakers & in the NBA, he said:

“I’ve got a lot to think about… Just for me personally going forward with the game of basketball, I’ve got a lot to think about.”

Some claim that the four-time NBA Finals champ may sideline his jersey following a 4-0 game series loss to the Nuggets in this Conference Finals.

Though, some still believe that the Lakers’ power forward has more NBA left in him.

LeBron James Potential Retirement- Fans Appreciate His Physique At 38

After elimination from the Western Conference Finals, losing in four straight games to the Nuggets, there were criticisms & taunts on James that he should retire–he is done for.

Those harsh comments about him come as no surprise, given that the NBA star showcased unmatched high hopes during Game 2– losing dunks & missing layups.

And after the Game 4 defeat in the Conference Finals, during a post-game conference, LeBron gave a statement about his uncertainty about his future in the NBA.

Was it because he couldn’t perform well in the playoffs & wants to retire? Only time will tell the answer!

King James, Who Is 38, Is The Fourth Oldest NBA Player To Have Played The 2022-23 Season
King James, Who Is 38, Is The Fourth Oldest NBA Player To Have Played The 2022-23 Season (Source: Fansided)

But fans of LeBron James won’t sit quietly since they believe that critics mistook the fact that he is already 38 years old & performing at his peak when most NBA players would bid farewell to the court.

James’ supporters have been flooding social media to support him.

There’s been a trend on Twitter, “He’s 38”with threads of fans’ discussion: appreciation vs criticism of the NBA star.

Tweet From Fans!

One of LeBron’s believers wrote:

In reply to the thread, another fan gave a mixed review about James:

“In today’s NBA Lebron can score 50 points and still the Lakers will lose! Can’t expect a 38 year old to dominate the 20/ 30 year olds day in and day out! Time for the Lakers to think long term.”

Another tweet from a supporter of LeBron James read:

Another fan tweeted that the Ohio native, in his late 30s, led the Lakers to the playoffs with a 0% probability & made it to the Western Conference Finals.

LeBron, arguably considered the best player in the NBA, may have more than just to answer his fans if he is going to retire after this season.

Even though it’s not the first time there have been talks of his rest from the NBA games, fans can’t deny that day is not far either.

From A 2-10 To The Conference Finals

The 2022-23 regular season start was quite miserable for the LA Lakers. They lost the first six games in a row before a win in the 7th: vs the Nuggets.

Having 12 games played, the Lakers were standing with 2-10. It led fans to distress with fears of their hopes being shattered.

But they later picked the pace & finished the regular season with 43-39, earning a playoff berth.

Not only for the Lakers, but the season saw new achievements for their power forward, LeBron James.

On February 7, 2023, he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time scoring leader scoring 38 points against City Thunder. It totaled his overall career points to 38,387.

The Lakers secured their place in the conference semi-finals after a 4-2 game series victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round.

They even beat the former NBA champs Golden State Warriors to clinch the Western Conference Finals.

However, the Nuggets won’t let them pass & eliminated them with an upset 0-4 in the game series of the Conference Finals.



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