Neal Skupski Parents: Who Are Ken And Mary Skupski?

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Neal Skupski parents, father, Ken, and mother, Mary Skupski, raised him to be hardworking and dedicated to his goals. 

The talented tennis player is not only an athlete of his family, as his older brother, Ken Skupski Jr., is also a former professional player.

The Skupski siblings grew up playing together and supporting each other throughout their highs and lows.

Furthermore, their parents played a significant role in motivating and shaping their present identities in the tennis world.

Let’s shed light on Neal Skupski’s family, including their parents and an older sibling. 

Three Grand Slam Doubles Championship Neal Skupski
Three Grand Slam Doubles Championship Neal Skupski (Source: Instagram)

Neal Skupski is a notable name in the tennis world. He is a famous British tennis player who primarily competes in double events. 

The Louisiana State University graduate had a good success as a junior tennis player.

During his teenage years, he achieved significant accomplishments, earning the Under-18 and Under-14 national doubles championships.

Moreover, Neal has secured 15 ATP Tour doubles titles with partner Wesley Koolhof. He also partnered with his elder brother Ken until 2021 and won the 2021 Mexican Open.

One of his most significant achievements in tennis is winning three Grand Slam doubles championships.

Neal Skupski Parents: Who Are Ken And Mary Skupski?

Neal Skupski was born on December 1, 1989, to his parents, Ken and Mary Skupski. 

His father, Ken Sr., is a retired police officer of Polish descent, while his mother, Mary, is a housewife.

Despite being interested in playing football, the couple sacrificed their dream and guided their kids to excel in sports. 

Ken and Mary have shown immense support throughout Neal’s professional journey and still do the same.

Neal Skupski parents, Ken And Mary Skupski
Neal Skupski parents, Ken And Mary Skupski (Source: Instagram)

However, they also never let them compromise with their studies. Knowing the importance, they helped their sons balance their lives between education and tennis. 

Neal’s parents even revealed that they rejected the LTA’s request for their sons to leave school at 16 to go to their residential center.

He often credits his success to his family’s support for helping him to reach the heights.  

“My dad’s been a very influential person in my life. He has always taught me to do my best and to live life everyday as it comes and be as good as you can be. My dad has always kept me focused on what I want to do and what I want to achieve. Thanks to my parents, my brother and I were able to grow up in a very mature household and I find myself very mature now, here at LSU.”

The tennis star has finally paid off their parents, making them proud of his achievements.

Brother Ken Skupski Jr. Tennis Career

Ken Skupski Jr. was born on April 9, 1983, in Liverpool, England. He is a former British professional tennis player who specializes in doubles. 

The elder Skupski had a successful career on the ATP Tour, mainly in doubles. During his active years, he had partnered with different players, including his younger brother and Colin Fleming. 

Neal Skupski And His Elder Brother Ken Skupski Jr.
Neal Skupski And His Elder Brother Ken Skupski Jr. (Source: Instagram)

One of his career highlights is reaching the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon Championships in men’s doubles in 2010 with partner Fleming.

Moreover, he has won several ATP Challengers and ITF Futures titles in doubles. His achievements in doubles have made him a recognized figure in British tennis.

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