Neil Robertson Net Worth: Income And Career Earnings Explored

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Neil Robertson has a net worth of £7 million, which he made through his snooker career of two decades. The Australian has exceeded £6 million in career earnings as well. 

A boy who once mopped the pubs in Melbourne had almost given up on his snooker dreams in 2002. His parents told him to look for employment in a job center, and he would question whether this was his destiny.

Neil Robertson Bask In The Glory As He Wins The 2022 Tour Championship Title
Neil Robertson Bask In The Glory As He Wins The 2022 Tour Championship Title (Source: Instagram)

But it was as if the God above listened to his cry, with Robertson returning to England nine months after his first stint at working in a pub. The three-time UK Champion, Robertson, now lives a comfortable life with his cute family in England. 

Previously, Robertson had supported struggling snooker players to earn a guaranteed £20,000. A man who has been on both sides of the spectrum, Robertson said the money could help the players focus on the sport rather than worry about paying rent and utility bills. 

Neil Robertson Net Worth And Career Earnings 

Neil Robertson has a net worth of £7 million and has earned more than £6 million in career earnings. The Australian player is one of the millionaires of the snooker world, but things weren’t always easy for him. 

There was a time when Neil would be given $10 to mop in a bar in Melbourne, and if luck favored him, he would make $20. Robertson had returned to his native land after failing to make it as a professional player in the UK.

His dad told him to go to a job center and get employed. But things started to change in 2003. He won the U-21 Championship in New Zealand and returned to England. 

Neil Robertson Kisses The 2021 Tour Championship After Defeating Ronnie O'Sullivan In The Finals
Neil Robertson Kisses The 2021 Tour Championship After Defeating Ronnie O’Sullivan In The Finals (Source: Instagram)

Nine months after his first experience at the pub, young Robertson went head-to-head against Jimmy White in Wembley Arena. And since then, he hasn’t looked back. 

Robertson’s career started picking up the pace in 2006 after he won his first ranking title. He won the 2006 Grand Prix title and also won the cash prize of £60,000. At the time, it was the highest he had ever earned from a single tournament. 

The coming next two seasons weren’t kind to him, as he plummeted out of the tournaments quickly. But he did win the 2007 Welsh Open, landing him £35,000.

During one of his highest-earning seasons, 2018-19, Robertson reached at least the knockout rounds of every competition. He won the Riga Masters and Welsh Open. His total earnings of that season came to £735,400.

His other fruitful season was 2021-22, which earned him £708,500. He won the English Open in the first half of the season, and in the second half, he went on a crazy run.

Robertson won the Masters, Players Championship, and later the Tour Championship. The three competitions made him a cool £525,000. 

Unlike a few snooker players, Robertson doesn’t lead a flashy lifestyle. On his Instagram handle, we can see the snooker legend enjoying his holidays with his family, including his wife and two kids. 

Neil Robertson Wife And Kids 

Neil Robertson tied the knot with his Norwegian wife, Mille Fjelldal, in 2021 in London, England. The couple has been together since 2008 and parented two kids before they exchanged their vows. 

The couple’s first child, Alexander Robertson, was born on May 13, 2010, and is already looking to make his career in sports.

The proud father, Neil, has shared several posts on his Instagram handle of his son, who loves playing soccer and is a goalkeeper of Cambridge United. 

Neil Robertson Pictured With His Wife, Mille, And Two Kids After Winning The 2021 Masters Championship
Neil Robertson Pictured With His Wife, Mille, And Two Kids After Winning The 2021 Masters Championship (Source: Instagram)

Neil and Mille’s second child, a baby girl, Penelope, arrived into the world on March 17, 2019. And looking at the Instagram snaps, we can say that Neil is completely obsessed with his little girl. 

Alexander and Penelope were handed important roles on their parents’ wedding day. Penelope was the flower girl, and Alexander was the ring bearer. 

Previously, Neil had opened up about his wife, Mille’s health struggles. In an interview in 2017, the Australian said his wife was battling anxiety and depression. 

At the time, Neil’s world ranking had also dropped to no.20 for the first time in ten years. He revealed that his wife wasn’t abusing drugs but was coping with her anxiety by drinking alcohol.

But in a podcast in 2020, Neil revealed Mille was fairing far better after her rehab term. He said it helped her deal with her anxiety, and they were in a far better place. 

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