Newcastle United 3-4 Manchester City: Ferran Torres scored a hat-trick for City

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Ferran Torres has scored a hat-trick for City, and his superb backheeled finish was the highlight of a fantastic game that had swung back and forth.

Manchester City has twice doubled in the Premier League win over Newcastle in their first game since being confirmed as champions.

Surprisingly, Pep Guardiola chose Scott Carson to score almost a decade from his last English flight game. 

It saw his City team take control early but got left with a powerful head of Emil Krafth in the corner of Jonjo Shelvey.

Joao Cancelo equalized with a deflected effort into the lower right corner. 

When Torres skillfully turned home Ilkay Gundogan’s free-kick 185 seconds later, it looked as if the visitors could stop.

But Steve Bruce, who has asked his Newcastle team to match the champion, will be happy with their response.

After being forced to put in a lot of pressure, they equalized when City defender Nathan Ake got considered a good substitute. For Joelinton, allowing Brazil to get a penalty kick.

City’s poor kick-off Kyle Walker awarded the Magpies a second penalty just after an hour. 

Joe Willock followed up to find the back of the net after Carson saved his first kick.

However, the man of the game, Torres, had the final say, directing the cross of Gabriel Jesus in the top right corner. 

And he becomes the youngest player to score a league hat-trick for Guardiola’s team. He opened Cancelo’s shot back to the post in Newcastle.

It ended an impressive encounter and set another milestone for Guardiola’s side, who set a new league record. With their 12 consecutive victories away from home.

Newcastle moves up the class.

Bruce’s team did a great job in their success at Leicester last week. But playing against these newly crowned champions represented a big step in the classroom.

And if the integration of players who used Guardiola was not a problem. Their assignment was made a significant challenge in the absence of the injured Callum Wilson.

Newcastle has not won any of the nine games their England striker has missed out on this season. 

Newcastle moves up the class (Source: Yahoo Finance)
Newcastle moves up the class (Source: Yahoo Finance)

But the way they have pushed City’s 13-point team at the top of the table provides excellent encouragement.

Wilson’s study, Joelinton, who has worked hard since making history for his team in 2019, has given Ake. And his defensive partner Eric Garcia a lot of problems.

And a team of Willock supporters, Miguel Almiron and Saint-Maximin, have created City problems on the sides.

The Arsenal striker surprised Raheem Sterling at this level in the first half. And his quickness caught Walker giving the Magpies a second penalty in the evening.

When the City class finally told, it wasn’t until they were put under so much pressure. On the side that a few weeks ago, they were in a downsizing debate.

The City roll continues.

Every Premier League manager should aspire to the depth of talent that City Guardiola’s manager has in his ranks.

The sight of Riyad Mahrez, Phil Foden, and Ruben Dias sitting in a tent was a reminder. Of that depth as the champions marched north with Ederson, Sergio Aguero, and Kevin de Bruyne.

In their absence, stubborn opponents have given a reminder of how much the Premier League could demand but deserve their success.

The City roll continues (Source: The Telegraph)
The City roll continues (Source: The Telegraph)

With the EFL Cup and the Premier League in place, City has had the luxury. Of using their last three games to prepare for their Champions League final against Chelsea on May 29.

But while there was a touch of emotion surrounding giving Carson his first taste of Premier League football. Since May 22, 2011, the way Guardiola urged his team to keep their standards talked a lot.

He looked unhappy with the way his own conceded at least two goals. But he also seemed happy with the way Torres came out.

In a squad with so many firefighters, the 21-year-old has sometimes looked the other way, around since leaving Valencia starting only 14 times.

And if this were the view of the Spanish winger to the best of his ability. It would be a lot of teams involved in what he could do, given the long-term offer.

‘Maybe Torres is a striker’ – they said

The Newcastle manager Steve Bruce, speaking to BBC Sport: “All of our worst performances were good enough against the opposition. And we were not good enough for the night.

“The best thing that I can ever pay for them is that it’s tough to set up against them. There are big times when you don’t get a kick because they’re well behaved.”

Whether the team Newcastle can keep Joe Willock: “We must have to respect Joe for being an Arsenal player. But if possible, we would like to keep him.”

Torres is a striker (Source: Yahoo News)
Torres is a striker (Source: Yahoo News)

The criticism this season: “If you’re going to do this job in the Premier League, you come and get criticized. 

“Sometimes it’s not right. I’ve always said that when our players are correct, we’ll be fine.”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, speaking to BBC Sport about Ferran Torres: “Amazing numbers and goals in his first season in the Premier League. 

“He’s young and clinics. And he’s a guy brought in as a winger, but maybe we should think of him as a striker. He’s a great player.”

“We play with ten players in the box. They defend very profoundly. They are fast, fast on the counter. “

“A tough, tough opponent. Still, we hit well in the pockets. But conceded three goals in pieces, and we have to improve that.”

To Scott Carson: “We are delighted with him. He is an important player for us. He is a real leader, and today has been a different day to let him play.”

Breaking records and running the winning runs: “That’s what we’ve done, four years together. 

“If people say that you don’t win the Champions League, the team loses, or the players fail. Or the manager fails, the ball doesn’t match. 

“The most important thing is to win the Premier League. You have to celebrate one day. But the wind was there. 

“We once had sat down, came back, 3-2 came back. But just read, come back as fast and come in perfect shape for the finals. “

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