NFL Network Larry Campbell Net Worth Before Death: Earnings & Family

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The NFL Network producer Larry Campbell has never revealed his earnings, making it difficult to determine his net worth.

However, Campbell is a veteran producer and managed to amass significant wealth while alive.

Larry Campbell Posing For A Suit At An Unknown Event
Larry Campbell Posing In A Suit At An Unknown Event (Source: TheSun)

Larry Campbell was a versatile and experienced production worker with vast experience in television, radio, and internet content creation.

His specialties included line production, segment production, talent coordination, post-production, and more.

Larry was well-known for his remarkable scriptwriting abilities for television, radio, and digital platforms. These also included feature scripts, news pieces, and promotional materials.

He also excelled in remote production and talent coordination. At the same time, he was responsible for ensuring that numerous projects ran well.

Larry received a joint Master’s degree in Telecommunications Broadcast/Multichannel Management and Urban Studies from Michigan State University.

During his college days, he also had the pleasure of serving as President of the Black Graduate Student Association.

He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in communications radio/TV Broadcasting from Central State University.

NFL Network Larry Campbell Net Worth Before Death

The net worth of Larry Campbell is not known as he never made the details of his earnings public. 

However, we cannot ignore that Campbell made big bucks while still alive.

The average yearly earnings for NFL Network producers are approximately $60K, equating to about $5K monthly.

However, a senior producer gets at least $130,000 a year and could earn more depending on the market worth and knowledge he provides in-house.

It is vital to note that earnings vary greatly depending on the years of experience one has mustered.

For example, a segment producer at NFL Network, identical to Campbell’s employment, pays $75,000 per year on average.

The NFL Network Paid A Tribute Larry Campbell After His Death
The NFL Network Paid A Tribute to Larry Campbell After His Death (Source: ESPN)

This shows that veteran producers like Campbell certainly earned greater wages, but the lack of actual data raises the question of his salary before death.

Senior producers at the NFL Network, a job Campbell may have held given his lengthy employment, earn between $96,000 and $154,000 per year.

Campbell’s LinkedIn profile has provided a good overview of his experience in the industry. 

He had been working as the Lead Producer of “Up To the Minute,” NFL Network’s daily news show.

Before that, he had been a Show & Segment Producer there. Larry produced shows such as “NFL GameDay Scoreboard,” and “NFL Total Access”.

Additionally, during his time at NFL Network, Larry worked as a Tape/EVS Producer, Field Producer, Feature Producer, Voice-Over Talent, and many more.

Larry Campbell’s Death And Family 

Larry Campbell’s cause of death has not been officially confirmed, but individuals close to him believe he had a heart attack at his Los Angeles home.

He was taken to the hospital but was unable to be revived. Campbell was born on June 15, 1976, in Detroit, Michigan. 

Larry Campbell was not just an accomplished producer but a devoted husband, father, and son.

He married Lisa, his college love, in 2000, and together they have two children, Tyler and Kayla, who are his pride and delight.

Larry Campbell Has Died At The Age of Just 49 Years
Larry Campbell Has Died At The Age of Just 49 Years (Source: TheSun)

Larry was committed to his family and loved spending time with them, particularly on holidays and vacations.

Campbell’s news of sudden death came just over a week before Super Bowl LVIII. The football community is completely stunned and is grieving over this news. 

Fans and players have expressed condolences and prayers to the grieving family.

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