Larry Campbell Obituary & Death Cause: NFL Network Producer Passed Away

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Larry Campbell Obituary: An NFL news producer, Larry Campbell is no more. He died on February 5, 2024 (Monday) at the age of 49.

The exact death cause of Campbell is yet to be out; however, many sources have revealed heart attack as a possible death cause.

Similarly, the NFL, other media outlets, and people worldwide are mourning his death now. Prayers are coming from around the globe for the bereaved family.

NFL Producer Larry Campbell
NFL Producer Larry Campbell (Source: Facebook)

Larry Campbell was an essential part of the NFL network. He finished his bachelor’s degree at Central State University, a school focused on African American education. There, he studied communications, focusing on radio and TV broadcasting.

Then, Campbell went to Michigan State University for a master’s degree in telecommunications broadcast and urban studies.

For the last ten years, the late NFL member worked at NFL Network.

Before all that, the news producer spent seven years at ESPN, starting as a helper behind the scenes and moving up to being a helper who helps the producers after finishing his studies at Central State and Michigan State.

Larry Campbell Obituary And Death Cause

The NFL network producer, Larry, passed away on February 5, 2024, at the age of 49. He was found dead at his residence in Los Angeles.

Many online sources have hinted at heart attack as his death cause; however, the exact information on his demise is yet to be out.

Larry Campbell Was A Talented NFL Member
Larry Campbell Was A Talented NFL Member (Source: The US Sun)

Reportedly, the NFL news producer, Larry, is survived by his wife, Larry, and kids, Tyler and Kayla.

The multi-talented personality left the world untimely. Also, no data confirms his exact health issues. He had been battling an illness, as per one of his close friends, Erika Robie.

Tribute To Larry Campbell

After the untimely demise of Campbell, the NFL, as well as other media outlets and people around the world, are paying tribute to him. They are praying for the bereaved family, too.

Larry Campbell Died At 49
Larry Campbell Died At 49 (Source: Facebook)

NFL hosts Andrew Siciliano and Steve Wyche paid tribute to the late news producer on Monday. They stated,

“Pretty much any show that you have ever watched on NFL Network over the last 17 years, Larry Campbell had a hand in producing,” Siciliano said.

“And he poured his heart into it. … To know him was to truly love him.

“For 17 years, Larry brought heart, he brought soul, and he brought a conscience to this building.

They further added, 

But specifically to the newsroom that you see over our shoulders, that newsroom will not be the same without Larry Campbell.

“We’re going to miss his laugh, we’re going to miss him saying, “That’s bold.’ I’m going to miss talking about old-school hip-hop with him.

“The holiday parties will never be the same without Larry and his amazing accouterments.

“Larry was one of one. And he was a real one.”

The contribution provided by Larry to the NfL can not fulfilled by any other person. He will always remain in our hearts and memory.



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