Nick Richards Sister Sharique: Age Gap & Family Tree

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Nick Richards sister, Sharique Richards, grew up with the NBA star in Kingston, Jamaica. The siblings share a tight-knit bond, with Nick always managing time to hang out with his little nephew.

The 26-year-old Charlotte Horents’ center, Nick Richards, was discovered by a scout in 2013. Before enrolling at St. Mary’s High School, Nick had previously arrived in New York to help find the best treatment possible for his mom.

The 7-foot-tall athlete committed to the University of Kentucky in 2016 and played three seasons before he forego his remaining eligibility to announce he was heading for the 2020 NBA Draft.

Richards Signed His First Big Contract With The Hornets Last Year
Richards Signed His First Big Contract With The Hornets Last Year (Source: Instagram)

For the past four seasons, Richards has been playing for the Charlotte Hornets. Last year, he signed a three-year contract of $15 million with the Hornets. But there are speculations that several teams in the league are interested in the center.

Recently, the Hornets sent Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat. In 33 games this season, Richards has averaged 9.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 0.8 assists, and some sources have even claimed that Richards is a target for the Suns. 

Get To Know Nick Richards Sister, Sharique Richards

Nick Richards older sister, Sharique Richards, is his only sibling. The Jamaican NBA star shares a close bond with his family, which was seen in the documentary Student Athlete.

The HBO documentary Student Athlete, released in 2018, shows Richards and his family tracking him in high school and AAU games. Last year, Nick shared a photo of him with his sister, Sharique, and his mom, Marion Tenn. 

The basketballer captioned the post, “Where would I be without these two?” Sharique is available on Instagram and goes by Shanique. The University of Kentucky’s page states her name as Sharique, but it may have been a typo.

Sharique Pictured With Her Brother During His Time With Kentucky
Sharique Pictured With Her Brother During His Time With Kentucky (Source: Instagram)

On her Instagram, Sharique has shared several photos of the Richards family, including throwback pictures to when the NBA player was a kid. Sharique has certainly been supportive of her brother’s athletic journey. 

Sharique’s post from 2013 is a testament to her faith in her little brother becoming an NBA star. She shared a photo of Nick and his friend with their trophies. In the caption, Sharique used the hashtag “Future NBA Player.”

Sharique has a son who has previously been seen hanging out with his famous uncle. In 2022, she shared a photo of her son and Nick standing at the Spectrum Center. 

Sharique, with her brother and their parents, celebrated him turning 26. The siblings had shared a few images from the celebration on their Instagram handle. 

The Charlotte Hornets Center, Nick Richards’ Parents

Richards was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2019, the Lexington Herald-Leader shared a video of Nick talking about his transition from Jamaica to New York.

In the video, the center reveals that he first came to New York to find medical assistance for his mom, Marion. He explains his mom was going through an illness and needed treatment. 

But soon, Andre Rickett, a New York City basketball scout in Jamaica, discovered Nick, and that is where the NBA dream began for Richard.

The Hornets Center Pictured With His Family On The Day Of His 26th Birthday
The Hornets Center Pictured With His Family On The Day Of His 26th Birthday (Source: Instagram)

The basketball player has always mentioned his mother’s influence on his career. Previously, in an interview, Nick revealed that he reviews his performances sitting alongside his mother and an aunt. 

Richards said they don’t talk about the game the same night but the next day. He said he explains his moves to his mom and aunt, and this rehash with them helps him on the court. 

Nick hasn’t talked much about his dad in his interviews, but a man has always been featured on Nick’s Instagram page alongside him and his mom. That could well be his dad. 

In one of Sharique’s posts, she mentions that man as her dad and has wished him on Father’s Day multiple times. She has also previously shared a photo of their father receiving the Order of Merit for his service to Jamaica. 

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