Nicole Auerbach Husband: Is She Married To Jeff Kemp?

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American sports journalist Nicole Auerbach has successfully maintained a private life despite her widespread popularity. Yet, her fans have somehow found out she has a husband whom she does not want to introduce in detail to the public.

Maybe because of the secrecy, many people believe her husband is a former football player Jeff Kemp. However, anyone who has gone through her social media handle knows it is untrue.

So, who is she married to? Is Jeff Kemp not her husband? Read this article further to find out the truth!

American Sports Journalist And Studio Analyst Nicole Auerbach
American Sports Journalist And Studio Analyst Nicole Auerbach (Source: The Michigan Daily)

Nicole Auerbach is an American studio analyst and sports writer, currently working as a full-time writer for The Athletic. She primarily covers collegiate basketball and football for the website.

Besides, she has been associated with Big Ten Network as a studio analyst for Big Ten Network for the past nine years.

Before that, she wrote college basketball and football news for USA Today.

For her contribution to sports journalism, the National Sports Media Association honored her with the National Sports Writer of the Year in 2020, thus making her the youngest winner of the prestigious award.

Nicole Auerbach Husband: Is She Married To Jeff Kemp?

The famed sports journalist, Nicole Auerbach, is not single, but she is also not the wife of Jeff Kemp.

However, many websites have mentioned that Nicole Auerbach is married to Kemp. Nobody knows how the misconception arose, but the two have never dated.

Nicole Auerbach And Her Supposed Partner
Nicole Auerbach And Her Partner (Source: Instagram)

However, Nicole has been in a relationship with another guy for years. She first hinted about her love life through her Instagram post, posing with her partner on December 4, 2021, which appeared to be a dinner date. 

Captioning the post, she had written, “Thank you for keeping me sane this season.”

Following this, Auerbach has featured him several times on her social media handle, but she has never revealed his name. She often posts their photos, enjoying holidays and enjoying their lives together.

More On Jack Kemp And His Family

Contrary to popular belief, former American quarterback Jeff Kemp is married to Stacy Kemp for nearly four decades. The two have been together since they exchanged vows back in 1983.

While Stacy is a University of Southern California graduate, Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Dartmouth College. He later did his MBA from Pepperdine Business School.

Former NFL Quarterback Jeff Kemp
Former NFL Quarterback Jeff Kemp (Source: Outreach)

Aside from continuing his studies, Jeff played as a quarterback in the NFL. Jeff eventually announced his retirement from his playing career after appearing in ten seasons in 1991.

Kemp met the love of his life, Stacy, while playing for the Los Angeles Rams in the early eighties. After marriage, they had four sons: Kyle, Korey, Kolby, and Keegan.

Regarding Kemp’s family background, he is the son of former AFL player and politician Jack Kemp. A member of the Republican Party, his dad served as Housing Secretary from 1989 to 1993 under the presidency of George W. Bush.

Similarly, his younger brother, Jimmy Kemp, played as a quarterback for various clubs in the CFL for nearly a decade. He is currently the president of the Jack Kemp Foundation.

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