Nicole Bidwill Age And Wikipedia: Bill Bidwill Jr. Wife Arrested

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Nicole Bidwill, the wife of former Arizona Cardinals executive Bill Bidwill Jr., found herself in hot water after her arrest in mid-2023.

She reportedly hit her husband Bill Jr., which left him ‘covered in blood,’ and sought help from the authorities.

The issue’s story began to resurface in November 2023 after tabloid sources posted the bodycam video of that incident.

One video showed Bill running in the streets to the Arizona police officers seeking help, while another video captured the arrest of Nicole Kugler Bidwell.

Bill Bidwill Jr.'s Wife Nicole Bidwill Was Arrested In June 2023 For Assaulting Her Husband
Bill Bidwill Jr.’s Wife, Nicole Bidwill, Was Arrested In June 2023 For Assaulting Her Husband (Source: Daily Mail)

Bill Bidwill Jr., the son of late Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill, worked as the VP of the NFL team under his father.

But it’s unclear when Bill Jr. left the organization. Some reports suggest it might have been after his father’s death on October 2, 2019.

Now, his brother, Michael Bidwill, runs the football team and is its principal owner, chairman, and president of the Arizona Cardinals.

Nicole Bidwill Age And Wikipedia

Nicole is the wife of Bill Bidwill Jr, the former VP of Arizona Cardinals. It connects her ties with one of the most extended NFL-runner families, the Bidwill family.

After the assault of her husband, she has become even more popular- but of course, with a wrong impression.

Her birth name is Nicole Kugler Bidwell. Sources cite that she was born in August 1962, which makes her age 61 as of 2024.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Mrs. Bidwell is a private real estate investor based in Arizona. However, the details of her investment portfolio are not out.

She is a 1985 graduate of the Southern Methodist University- Cox School of Business with a BBA degree in Real Estate.

As reported, Nicole and her husband, Bill Bidwill Jr., have a daughter who is a defense attorney.

Both she and her beau are yet to have a Wikipedia page, unlike her brother-in-law, Michael Bidwill, the owner of the Cardinals since 2019.

Many confuse her with Bill Jr. and Michael Bidwill’s sister, Nicole Bidwill, because of their same name. She serves as the VP of Marketing for the NFL team, Arizona Cardinals.

Why Was Bill Bidwill Jr.’s Wife, Nicole, Arrested?

On June 9, 2023, Bill Jr.’s wife, Nicole Kugler Bidwill, was arrested after she hit her husband out of anger that left him covered in blood.

A day later, on June 10, she was charged with one count of assault. However, her beau, Bill, didn’t want to press any charges on her.

He even asked to ‘arrest him instead,’ as he said that his wife ‘wouldn’t tolerate that.’

Reportedly, the incident occurred in his Paradise Valley, Arizona, house while he was on the couch pouring a beer.

However, before he could take a sip, his wife grabbed the glass and smashed it on his head.

Moreover, Bidwill Jr. stated that she ‘hit him around 100 times’ before he escaped.

Bill Bidwill Jr.'s Wife, Nicole Bidwill
Bill Bidwill Jr.’s Wife, Nicole Bidwill (Source: LinkedIn)

The former Cardinals VP stated that his wife, Nicole, was unhappy because he was not home for a carpet installation the previous day. It led to her assaulting him due to her anger.

The news of the assault got a heat wave again in early November 2023 after bodycam videos from the incident came online.

Bill Jr. called 911 and rushed to the police, explaining what happened. Then, in another bodycam video, the authorities approached Nicole and handcuffed her.

However, after she didn’t cooperate with the officers, they had to carry her to the police vehicle.

Update On Arrest

There are no updates on post-assault incidents. She likely got out as her beau didn’t want to press any charges.

Moreover, in late June 2023, Nicole’s sister-in-law, also Nicole, shared a Facebook post asking to leave Bill’s family alone and respect their privacy.

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