Nikko Remigio Parents: Father Mark And Mother Jennifer Remigio

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Nikko Remigio’s parents, Mark and Jennifer, first met in Santa Ana, California 1988, where they fell in love and eventually tied the knot.

Nikko owes much of his achievements to his parents, who believed in him and supported him to this day.

Today, his parents aren’t together, but their love for Nikko is still the same. 

Nikko Remigio, a talented Filipino-American football wide receiver, hails from Orange, California, and honed his skills at Mater Dei High School.

Despite offers from prominent schools like USC and Wisconsin, he chose to pursue his college football career in California, committing to the program in 2017.

Nikko Remigio Is Wide Receiver For The Kansas City Chiefs
Nikko Remigio Is Wide Receiver For The Kansas City Chiefs (Source: Facebook)

After the 2023 NFL Draft, Remigio entered the league as an undrafted free agent, signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, his rookie season took an unfortunate turn when he sustained a shoulder injury during preseason practice, leading to his placement on the injured reserve list after being waived/injured on August 29, 2023.

Despite this setback, Remigio’s potential was evident during the preseason, where he showcased his talent and impressed many.

Remigio is Filipino American rookie WR currently on Injured Reserve for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nikko Remigio’s Parents: Father Mark And Mother Jennifer Remigio

Nikko and his two younger brothers were raised in Orange County by their parents, Mark and Jennifer Remigio.

Remigio parents come from diverse backgrounds and have had an interesting journey together.

His mother, Jennifer, is half Black and half white and is from Pontiac, Michigan. She has a Filipino background. While Nikko’s father, Mark, was born in Seattle, Washington, but was raised in Southern California.

Nikko Remigio’s parents, Mark and Jennifer, met in Santa Ana, California in 1988, where their love story began.

Nikko Remigio Family Picture Including Two Brothers, Mom And Dad
Nikko Remigio Family Picture Including Two Brothers, Mom And Dad (Source: Facebook)

Jennifer visited California and met Mark there, and eventually, they fell in love. When it was time to return to Michigan, Jennifer decided to stay there with Mark and got married. Then, they had their first child, Nikko, in 1999.

Their Mother, Jennifer, worked in communication, while his father, Mark, is a private investigator.

Nikko’s parents aren’t together now, but their shared love for Nikko has remained unchanged even after their separation.

He attributes much of his success to the unwavering support and belief his parents have shown him throughout his life.

Nikko Remigio’s Ethnicity 

Nikko Remigio has a very diverse background. He identifies himself as a Filipino-Black American.

His mother was born in America. She is the daughter of a Filipino mother and a Black American father. She has mix- background herself. While Nikko’s dad is from Washington.

Nikko Remigio With His Mother And Brothers
Nikko Remigio With His Mother And Brothers (Source: Facebook)

Growing up, Nikko faced challenges being mixed. He said, “It’s like you’re too Black for the white kids and too white for the Black kids. And then, you’re not really Filipino because you’re only half,”.

Over time, he started embracing his ethnicity becoming more comfortable in his own skin, and accepting that he was different because he was mixed.

Brother Nino Is A Aspiring Football Player

Nino Remigio is a younger brother of Nikko. Like Nikko, Nino also grew up playing football and is currently a wide receiver at San Diego State Football.

5’11 Nino completed his education at Mater Dei High School.

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