Nikola Jokic Parents: Mother Nikolina Jokic & Family Tree

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Despite his achievements in the NBA, Nikola Jokic prefers to maintain a low-key life. Jokic is one of three children of his parents: his father is Branislav Jokic, and his mother is Nikolina Jokic.

The Serbian basketball player developed a passion for basketball from an early age as he frequently played with his two elder brothers.

Before marking his footprint in the NBA, Nikola played for the Mega Basket in the Serbian League for three seasons.

The Denver Nuggets drafted him in the second round of the 2014 NBA draft, and he has been playing for the team since then.

2023 NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic
2023 NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic (Source: Twitter)

Throughout his NBA career, he became the NBA Most Valuable Player twice (2021, 2022) and has featured in NBA All-Star for five consecutive years from 2019 to 2023.

Furthermore, Nikola Jokic has been named to All-NBA First Team thrice in 2019, 2021, and 2022.

He led the Nuggets to their maiden NBA Championship in 2023 and subsequently won the NBA Finals MVP Award.

Nikola Jokic Parents: What Are Their Professions?

The Denver Nuggets center, Nikola, was born on February 19, 1995, to parents: Branislav Jokic and Nikolina Jokic.

His father, Branislav, previously worked as an agricultural engineer, while his mother, Nikolina, pursued a career as a nurse.

NBA Star Jokic's Parents, Branislav & Nikolina Jokic
Nikola Jokic’s Parents, Branislav & Nikolina Jokic (Source: Facebook)

According to his father, Nikola developed an affection for basketball from the very beginning.

Beyond the court, Jokic also possesses a deep passion for horses.

His father stated that Jokic inherited his love for horses, as their family owns a small stable.

Branislav further mentioned that Jokic would clean the stables prior to attending school.

Two Supportive Elder Brothers

Nikola grew up in a tight two-bedroom apartment in Sombor alongside his two elder brothers, parents, and paternal grandmother.

In addition, he acknowledged that due to being the youngest, he shared a closer bond with his parents compared to his brothers and admitted to being spoiled.

Nikola Jokic With His Mother Nikolina & Elder Brothers Nemanja & Strahinja
Nikola Jokic With His Mother Nikolina & Elder Brothers: Nemanja & Strahinja (Source: Facebook)

The age gap between Nikola & his eldest brother Strahinja is thirteen years, while Nemanja is eleven years older than him.

Both of his elder brothers played basketball, with Strahinja having played professionally in Europe and Nemanja being a former Division I player.

During Nugget’s first NBA Finals victory in 2023 (of the 2022-23 season), both of his brothers were present to witness the historic moment.

The Jokic brothers celebrated together and shared a long and heartfelt embrace.

Jokic Has An Extensive Family Tree

Fans might be really surprised to discover the extensive Jokic family, which includes numerous close family friends, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Nikola has a paternal aunt named Tatjana Martinovic, who frequently expresses admiration for the family on Facebook posts.

Moreover, the NBA player is seen spending time with his cousins, Tomislav Jokic and Miroslav, who share the same mother, Sofija Jokic.

Nikola Jokic With His Brothers, Cousins & Uncles
Nikola Jokic With His Cousins (Source: Facebook)

Speaking of Tomislav, he is happily married to Sanja Jokic and has two sons, one of whom is named Vuk Jokic.

Similarly, Miroslav is married to Sonja Jokic Ex Krsmanovic and has three children: two sons and one daughter.

Paternal Uncle Slobodan Jokic

Nikola has an uncle named Slobodan Jokic.

Slobodan is married to Biljana Jokic and is blessed with a son named Lazar and a daughter named Nina Jokic.

Nina and Lazar are frequently spotted attending events alongside the Jokic brothers, emphasizing their close bond.

Jokic Enjoying His Moment With His Family
Nikola Jokic Enjoying His Moment With His Family (Source: Facebook)

Zvonko Manojlovic, a dear family friend of Nikola Jokic’s father, Branislav, maintains a strong bond with the family.

Zvonko often shares pictures of him with the Jokic family as they come together for family gatherings.

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