Nina Kennedy Boyfriend: Declan Mountford Is An Australian Rules Footballer

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An Australian athlete who holds the national record in the pole vault and recently won gold at the 2023 World Athletics Championships, Nina Kennedy, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, a professional Australian rules footballer Declan Mountford since May 5, 2019.

Nina often shares photos with her significant other on her Instagram, where she has garnered more than 120k followers.

Nina Kennedy‘s journey began in the town of Busselton, nestled three hours south of the vibrant city of Perth.

Relocating with her family to Perth, she embarked on her educational journey, completing her primary schooling amidst the urban hustle.

Nina Kennedy Boyfriend: Declan Mountford Is A Rugby Player
Nina And Declan Mountford (Source: Instagram)

At the tender age of 11, a significant turning point awaited Kennedy as she embraced her first tryst with organized sports.

Joining the ranks of Perry Lakes Little Athletics, she took her initial steps toward athletic prowess.

It was here, within the camaraderie of fellow athletes, that her potential began to gleam.

A year later, destiny took its course when a pivotal moment occurred. A discerning eye that of a seasoned pole vault coach spotted the latent talent residing within Kennedy during an electrifying athletics meet.

The spark of her pole vaulting journey was ignited, marking the commencement of a remarkable odyssey toward greatness.

Nina Kennedy Boyfriend: Declan Mountford Is An Australian Rules Footballer

Born on the 13th of February, 1997, Declan Mountford has etched his name as a proficient Australian rules footballer.

His journey encompasses stints with teams, including the North Melbourne Football Club and the West Coast Eagles Football Club in the esteemed Australian Football League (AFL).

Presently, he graces the ranks of the Claremont Football Club within the exalted arena of the West Australian Football League (WAFL).

The genesis of Mountford’s athletic narrative can be traced to the serene enclave of Manypeaks, nestled in the heart of the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

It was here that his early life took root, nurturing the talent that would later define his career.

Nina Kennedy Boyfriend: Declan Mountford Is A Rugby Player
Nina Kennedy Boyfriend Mountford, Playing for North Melbourne in June 2017 (Source: Wikipedia)

A multifaceted player, Mountford’s trajectory saw him don the colors of the North Albany Football Club during his formative years, where he showcased his prowess both in the colts and senior football divisions.

Notably, he also marked his presence on the grand stage of the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, leaving an indelible mark with five noteworthy appearances.

The next chapter in his journey unfolded as he ventured to Perth, becoming an integral part of the Claremont Football Club.

This decision marked a pivotal juncture, propelling him into the competitive realm of the WAFL, where his skills continue to shine brightly.

Nina Kennedy Boyfriend Declan Mountford Draft & Debut In AFL

Selected as the fifth pick and sixtieth overall by the North Melbourne Football Club during the 2015 national draft, Declan Mountford’s journey took a significant leap.

Prior to his AFL debut, he honed his skills at the Werribee Football Club, an affiliate of North Melbourne, throughout the 2016 season in the Victorian Football League.

Here, he showcased his versatility, taking on roles both as a skilled midfielder and a formidable tagger.

Mountford’s entry onto the AFL stage was marked by his debut appearance in the opening round of the 2017 season, where his North Melbourne side faced West Coast in a formidable clash at Etihad Stadium.

Although the game ended in a forty-three-point loss, it was a pivotal moment in Mountford’s career.

After his tenure with North Melbourne, the conclusion of the 2018 season saw a change in direction.

Returning to his roots in Western Australia, Mountford rejoined the ranks of the Claremont Football Club, a decision that bore significant fruit.

The year 2021 brought further distinction as he was appointed the co-captain of Claremont, a testament to his leadership qualities.

Nina Kennedy Boyfriend: Declan Mountford Is A Rugby Player
Nina Kennedy Boyfriend, Decland With His Parents (Source: X)

Notably, he also represented Western Australia in a spirited interstate match against South Australia, proudly donning his state’s colors.

Mountford’s narrative took another intriguing turn in the 2022 season. The West Coast Eagles, grappling with injuries and COVID-19 protocols, welcomed him back to the AFL fold for Round 2.

An inclusion in the club’s top-up list, Mountford’s reentry into the league was serendipitous, as he was called up to play against his former team, North Melbourne.

Subsequently, he seized another opportunity in Round 8 against Brisbane, showcasing his skills with 8 disposals as a medi-sub, thereby contributing valuably to the team’s efforts.

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