Noah Kim Parents: Who Are Tae And Tina Kim?

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American football quarterback Noah Kim’s parents are Tae Kim and Tina Kim. His father and mother have been the driving force in his accomplishment at such a young age. 

In the meantime, Noah is very close to his birth parents. Looking at his pictures proves that the athlete and his family are a happy and kind family.

Also, the athlete’s father and mother left no stone unturned in supporting his interest and career. As a result, Noah is on a journey to be a great quarterback.

Noah Kim Is The Son Of Tae Kim And Tina Kim
Noah Kim Posing For A Picture (Source: Instagram)

Noah is regarded as the most promising young player, who is expected to take over many athlete’s positions in the coming years.

Kim, who currently plays for the Michigan State Spartans, has captured the attention of many people so far due to his contribution to the team.

In the 2023 Season, Noah made a record by averaging 279 total yards and two touchdowns. Likewise, the quarterback averaged 174 yards and three touchdowns in the 2022 Season.

Noah previously played football during his time at Westfield High School. There, he made 6,756 passing yards and 110 touchdowns. This record proves that he was very skilled in his playing career.

Noah Kim’s Relationship With His Father And Mother

The rising athlete, Noah, was born on 3rd December 2001 in Centreville, Virginia, in the United States of America. He is 21 years old as of now.

Noah is the first son of his father, Tae Kim, and his mother, Tina Kim. Both his parents raised him in a financially stable environment. 

There is no information regarding the profession of Tae and Tina as they have kept their personal information private.  

Noah Kim With His Sister
Noah Kim With His Sister (Source: Instagram)

However, looking at Noah’s upbringing and success, it is evident that his parents had a respected and high-paying profession.

Noah is very close with his father and mother. Occasionally, the quarterback shares their travel pictures on his social media.

Besides, the athlete also shares a strong bond with his younger brother, Josh Kim. Also, he has a sister. 

His Parents Are The Reason Behind His Self-Confidence

Noah grew up in a diverse culture, as his father is Korean, and his mother is American. So, he is part of the Asian culture as well.

Also, the young quarterback believes that there is beauty in every struggle, as he has been through many unpleasant circumstances.

In the meantime, Noah is very optimistic; he knows to see the good things in every action, whether negative or positive.

In one of his interviews, the athlete shared that he gained strength and self-confidence from his parents and family.

He said,

”The things that they taught me growing up is just not to shy away from competition.”

Overall, Tae and Tina succeeded in raising Noah to be the man he is now. Eventually, all their teachings and sacrifices have been paid off.

Noah Kim Girlfriend 

The American quarterback has been in a romantic relationship with Hannah Aguilar since January 2020.

Aguilar is 23 years old as of now. She graduated from James Madison University in May 2022.

On 26 January 2023, the duo celebrated their third anniversary by sharing their pictures on their Instagram.

Noah Kim And His Girlfriend, Hannah Aguilar
Noah Kim And His Girlfriend, Hannah Aguilar (Source: Instagram)

Hannah has supported Noah and his career since the day they met. She always attends the athlete’s games to cheer him.

Plus, Hannah is close with Noah’s father and mother. She frequently participates in their family holidays and functions. 

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