Noah Lyles Brother Josephus And Sister Abby Are His Biggest Fan

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American professional track and field sprinter Noah Lyles has a younger brother named Josephus, who, like Lyles, is also a sprinter.

The runners together are the brothers to a younger sister named Abby. She, unlike them, has quit athletics and excelled in academics.

The Lyles siblings are go-getters, united by the unwavering belief that they will be the ‘best in the world.’ 

Noah Lyles Pictured As The 100m World Champion In Budapest
Noah Lyles Pictured As The 100m World Champion In Budapest (Source: Instagram)

Noah Lyles is an American track and field sprinter who specializes in the 100 meters and 200 meters. He is a three-time World champion, having won the 200m at the 2019 and 2022 World Championships with a 100m event at the 2023 World Championships.

Moreover, he is also a 2020 Tokyo Olympic 200m bronze medalist and gold winner at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

The track and field athlete won golds for the 100m and 4*100m relay during the 2016 World U20 Championships.

Noah is also a five-time Diamond League Champion, securing the 100m/200m double in 2019.

Noah Lyles Siblings

The love for track and field runs in the bloodline of the Lyles family. Noah’s parents, Keisha Caine and Kevin Lyles, competed in track and field at their university.

Noah’s younger brother, Josephus, is also a sprinter. Similarly, Lyles’ sister Abby ran a track race at 6 but later found her passion in academics pursuing biochemistry. The younger sister recently turned 23 on April 26.

When Noah turned thirteen, Keisha and Kevin got a divorce. After their divorce, Noah and Josephus moved in with Keisha, but their sister Abby stayed with Kevin Lyles.

More On Brother Josephus Lyles

The younger Lyles began in athletics but later track, not convinced he would follow in Noah or his parent’s footsteps.

His father, Kevin Lyles, had helped the United States win gold in the 4x400m at the 1993 Summer Universiade. Meanwhile, his mother, Keisha Caine Bishop, was an NCAA 4x400m relay winner.

Josephus Lyles attended T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, with his older brother Noah and made his return to track focusing on sprints. Throughout high school, the brothers tore up tracks together.

Noah Lyles With His Brother Josephus Pictured In 2019
Noah Lyles With His Brother Josephus Pictured In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Later, Josephus won gold in the 2014 World Athletics U20 Championship in a 4*400m relay. Moreover, he also held bronze (200m) and silver (400m) in the 2015 World Youth Championships in Athletics.

Recently, Lyles earned Bronze in the 2022 North American, Central American, and Caribbean Championships.

Josephus harbors an Olympic desire, much like Noah, who has a “huge fire” in his belly for Paris 2024.

Lyles Brothers Stronger Together

Many times, one brother has stood by the other in the face of adversity. For example, while Josephus was on crutches with a twisted ankle in 2014, Noah prayed for his success.

Josephus won the 400m at the New Balance Nationals that season, while Lyles finished second in the 200m. The younger Lyles has always looked up to Noah, who is older than him by 369 days.

Now a solid 200m runner, training and racing together with Noah has bonded the brothers even further. Josephus is glad to have his older brother close by, encouraging and pushing him to succeed.

The Lyles Brothers Back In 2016
The Lyles Brothers Back In 2016 (Source: Instagram)

“When I watch other athletes and when I watch him, one thing that he does differently that is very important is he makes sure that whatever he needs, he’s going to get.” Josephus talks about his brother as a fan.

“A lot of athletes will need something and won’t ask for it thinking it’s not a reasonable request, but that does not matter to Noah. He’s like, ”This is what I need to do well. I’m going to get it.” The younger brother reflected on his older sibling’s demeanor.

Noah’s brothers and sisters are his staunchest supporters, fans, and admirers. Lyles often appreciates their presence through his Instagram posts.

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