Novak Djokovic wins his 19th Grand Slam title

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Novak Djokovic won his 19th Grand Slam title after a fight from two sets defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece in the French Open final.

Top seed Djokovic, 34, was in big trouble before regaining his 6-7 (6-8) 2-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 win.


Serb’s great experience shines through as the fifth seed Tsitsipas withers in his first Grand Slam final.


The victory moved Djokovic to one major title behind a men’s record held jointly by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

After beating Nadal in a semi-final on Friday, he said: “It was an unforgettable moment in my life and career. I will definitely remember the last 48 hours of my life.”


Djokovic, who previously won the Roland Garros in 2016. Became the first person to win all the Grand Slams twice since the full-time era in 1968.


The world’s best player will have a chance to climb to the top 20. With his arch-rivals Nadal and Federer defending his Wimbledon title later this month.


After Tsitsipas saved one point of expertise with an empty edge on the ground. Djokovic calmed down, trying to take his second attempt. After four hours and 11 minutes at the top clinic.


His speech remained unmoved as he shook Tsitsipas’s hand. Before bursting into tears in front of the venue where his parents, his wife, Jelena. And coach Marian Vajda were celebrating.


Tsitsipas was a portrait of the tragedy when he fell from his chair. Putting a towel over his head to hide his perfect feelings.


Djokovic conveys another lesson to the new generation.

After Djokovic’s draw with the third generation in the same half of the same men. It has revealed that a new name may be in the Grand Slam final from the other side of the draw.


Tsitsipas was already recommended to be the man after earning more game wins than anyone else on the ATP Tour in 2021. And enjoying the success of the clay-court titles in Monte Carlo and Lyon.


The question that has been asked for a long time. And is still being asked is whether the new generation can translate tour-level talent into more successful. Than the old guard in the largest category.

Djokovic conveys another lesson to the new generation (Source: Sunday World)
Djokovic conveys another lesson to the new generation (Source: Sunday World)

Five pre-set formats are longer and heavier physically and mentally within two weeks. 


Time and again, Djokovic has shown that he has more significant physical and mental strength. Compared to even the most talented opponents.


Initially, Djokovic appeared to feel the effects of Friday’s major semi-final victory over 13-time champion Nadal.


Looking tired and disturbed by the bright Paris sun. He struggled to serve and was unsure of his shot as he followed with two sets.


However, as history has shown, it would be foolish to dismiss him.


In his last 16 matches against Italian youth Lorenzo Musetti, Djokovic fought from two sets down the fourth in his career. 


And he showed signs that he could do the same for Tsitsipas after a third-half bath break.


The pressure of the fifth point of the break was expressed when Djokovic took over from Tsitsipas to lead 3-1. Suddenly, the force had utterly changed.


Djokovic remains calm as his direct beats and rhythm return. Helping him ease the fourth set and give him the strength to make decisions.


Djokovic’s extra effort to beat Nadal would have been meaningless if Tsitsipas had defeated him in the most crucial game.


Another break at the start of the decision allowed him to move forward with the championship. 


And for more than four hours on the clock. He survived a minor movement to end Tsitsipas’ dreams.


Tsitsipas is awaiting the first Grand Slam title.


Having won the ATP Finals, he finished the season in 2019 with his first Master’s title in Monte Carlo last month. Tsitsipas has lifted some of the essential titles in the game.


After all, the four Grand Slams are a completely different story. So after losing the first three semi-finals, the 22-year-old from outside Athens competed for his first major show.


It was then that Tsitsipas said he dreamed of playing at a young age. And in the first two sets, he looked unafraid of the size of the event.

Tsitsipas is awaiting the first Grand Slam title (Source: Yahoo News)
Tsitsipas is awaiting the first Grand Slam title (Source: Yahoo News)

Tsitsipas played with confidence and aggression. As he looked to become the first Greek player to win the Grand Slam title.


However, the Momentum was powerful. And suddenly, since it was previously a picture of calm, Tsitsipas looked depressed.


Signs of his frustration showed when he hit his race in the mud. And angrily, failing to remove the annoyance. And regain his previous levels as Djokovic looked to success.


“It was amazing because my rhythm, my gun, and my movement were perfect. When I felt cold and out of it. 


“It was hard to rearrange,” said Tsitsipas, who needed treatment for his lower back at the end of the third set.


“I’ve lost my game a little bit. I really wish I could understand why things like this happen.”


Although it was a painful defeat for Tsitsipas. The prospect of the success of the Grand Slam ultimately seems crucial.


Djokovic used his court interview to assure his young rival about his future.


“I understand what he is going through. I understand how difficult it is. To lose the Grand Slam finals,” said Djokovic, who lost in the first three finals of the France Open.


“These are games and kind of times where you learn a lot. So you’re going to come out strong. 


“And I believe you’re going to win a lot of Grand Slams in the future.”

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