Oliver Miller Net Worth: Career Earnings And Income In 2023

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Even after retiring from the basketball career more than a decade ago, Oliver Miller’s net worth remains in the 7-digit figure.

With no known side business or any other money-pumping venture, the former NBA star still safely sits in the millionaire’s club.

No doubt, it’s thanks to his NBA earnings that totaled his career earnings to $7 million. So, what is Miller doing, and what’s his income in 2023?

Retired Basketball Player Oliver Miller Made $7 Million From His NBA Career
Retired Basketball Player Oliver Miller Made $7 Million From His NBA Career (Source: Facebook)

Oliver Miller, a former basketball player who played in the NBA and overseas, is notorious for being the heaviest player in NBA history.

During his heydays, his listed height was 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m), and he weighed 226 lbs (127 kg).

Despite his physical vulnerability on the court (compared to others), Miller’s hard work sailed him through the local basketball court in Texas to the NBA limelight.

A 1992 draft pick of the Phoenix Suns, Oliver played with the NBA teams: the Suns, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors, and Dallas Mavericks, through 1998.

The Razorbacks alum is from the same draft year as Shaquille O’Neal, Alonzo Mourning, Christian Laettner, and LaPhonso Ellis.

Later, he went on to play with overseas teams and semi-professional teams and eventually retired in 2010.

Oliver Miller Net Worth: Career Earnings And Income

As of 2024, the 54-year-old retired basketball player has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

His net worth soared as a result of his hefty earnings from the NBA and endorsements. According to Hoopshype, Oliver Miller totaled $7.145 million from his NBA contracts of seven seasons.

The details on his revenue from the overseas teams (in Greece, Poland & Italy) are not out, but surely, it won’t be much in comparison to the NBA.

There is no contest for the NBA being the pinnacle of the basketball league & highest-paid in the world. In 2023, the league minimum salary in the NBA is over $1.1 million.

Oliver Miller During His Days In The NBA
Oliver Miller During His Days In The NBA (Source: Twitter)

Unlike many retired NBA players who venture out to real estate or business investments, Oliver’s business portfolio is not out. So, what’s he doing these days?

As reported, the Texas native relocated to Arizona in August 2012 and was working as a car salesman for former basketball player Alvin Heggs.

But in the current scenario, it’s a mystery if he has switched to other ventures. Often, the former NBA star makes visits to basketball camps and games.

Miller’s Salary From The NBA Contracts

During his rookie season (1992-93 season), the then-Phoneix Suns player earned a salary of $517K.

After playing two seasons, he became a restricted free agent and signed with Detroit Pistons on a four-year, $10-million contract in September 1994.

However, a season later, the Pistons traded his rights to the Toronto Raptors and played through the 1995-96 season.

In 1996, he filed for free agency after the end of the season, leaving out a $2.5 million windfall to the Raptors.

Miller Was The 1992 NBA Draft Picked Who Played 7 Seasons In The League
Miller Was The 1992 NBA Draft Picked Who Played 7 Seasons In The League (Source: BallIsLife)

As reported, Oliver opted out of the guaranteed $5.3 million contract from the Raptors and turned down their $19 million multi-year offer.

Even more, he didn’t show interest in the Utah Jazz, only to find himself dumbfounded.

Later, he had to settle with the Dallas Mavericks on a league minimum.

After that, Oliver again got a chance to prove his worth with the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns, but his struggling gameplay didn’t extend his stay.

Then, for a few years, he surfed with overseas teams and semi-professional American teams before returning to the NBA in 2003.

However, it was short-lived and pushed him to minor leagues again, where he played until his retirement in 2010.

Check out his yearly salary:

NBA Seasons Salary
1992-93 $517,000
1993-94 $672,000
1994-95 $1.54 million
1995-96 $2.372 million
1996-97 $247,500
1998-99 $600,000
1999-2000 $510,000
2003-04 $686,838

Aside from his basketball misjudgment, he also got into the media limelight for his obesity. But, he reportedly changed his lifestyle after the death of Sean Rooks on June 7, 2016.

In 2011, he was charged with assault for pistol-whipping his girlfriend’s brother.

On February 3, 2012, Oliver got a sentence of a year, followed by five years of probation.

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