Oscar Bobb Parents: Who Are Abdou Bobb And Gunnes Turid?

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Professional soccer player Oscar Bobb is the only son of his parents, Abdou Bobb and Gunnes Turid. Both his parents are Norwegian citizens.

Born in the early 2000s in Oslo, Oscar began playing soccer early, probably because of his father’s influence.

However, he was raised by his mother, Turid, as a single parent after separating from her husband when he was seven. 

Nevertheless, Turid allowed her son to continue playing his favorite sport and let him dream of becoming a professional athlete. Even though they reside afar because of their careers, she follows his game keenly and is his greatest supporter.

Norwegian Professional Soccer Player Oscar Bobb
Norwegian Professional Soccer Player Oscar Bobb (Source: Manchester Evening News)

Oscar Bobb is a Norwegian professional soccer player who currently plays midfielder for Manchester City in the English Premier League.

Currently in his early twenties, he has only appeared in 3 games for his club.

Bobb joined Manchester City’s youth academy in 2019. Following his consistently impressive performance for City’s U-23 team, Pep Guardiola eventually let him play for City in a premier league match against Fulham on September 2, 2023.

Moreover, he played his first Champions League match against Serbian club Red Star Belgrade on September 9.

Aside from his club career, Oscar has represented Norway in various international tournaments of different age groups. However, he has yet to debut for his senior national team.

Oscar Bobb Parents: Who Are Abdou Bobb And Gunnes Turid?

The soccer midfielder Oscar Bobb was born to his parents, Abdou Bobb and Turid Gunnes, on July 12, 2003, in Oslo, Norway. He is of Gambian heritage through his father.

Bob grew up in Oslo with his parents until he was ten. During that time, he developed an interest in soccer, and they admitted him to Lyn Football Club’s academy to practice the game.

Oscar Bobb's Mom Gunnes Turid
Oscar Bobb’s Mom, Gunnes Turid (Source: Facebook)

However, his mom acquired his sole custody after she and Abdou divorced in 2010.

Oscar’s mom, Turid Gunnes, is an actress. A product of the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre, she later worked with the Den Nationale Scene for many years.

Aside from appearing in theatre plays, Turid has been featured in several films since 1994, such as Life, Whales, Linus in the Swing, Christmas in Blodfjell, etc., among many others.

Turid currently lives in Porto, working for a theatre company named Kale. Meanwhile, her son has lived in Manchester since 2019, realizing his dream of playing for one of the best soccer clubs in the world.

Oscar’s Mom Had Wanted Him To Play For Porto FC

Around 2013, Turid arranged for her son to join the FC Porto as she was planning to move to Portugal to collaborate with a renowned Portuguese theatre company, PELE.

In 2015, she moved with Oscar to Portugal, but unfortunately, FIFA did not allow her son to join Porto as they said it goes against their rule. 

Oscar Bobb
Oscar Bobb (Source: Daily Star)

As per Article 19 of FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, a club cannot sign foreign players under 18 if their parents moved to a foreign country for reasons unrelated to soccer.

In Oscar’s case, FIFA barred him from enrolling in the Portuguese Football Association, claiming that his mom, Turid, had moved to Portugal to pursue her acting career rather than accompanying her son there while he plays soccer for FC Porto.

Trying to keep her son with her, Turid attempted to enroll Oscar in the Escola de Futebol Hernani Goncalves, but FIFA denied her.

Turid later took the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sports, but they eventually gave the verdict in favor of FIFA. Consequently, Oscar returned to Norway, where he signed with another Oslo-based club, Valeranga. 

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