Pat Jennings Net Worth: Soccer Legend Career Earning And Income

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After the Belfast authorities made a statue in his honor, fans are getting curious to know Pat Jennings’ net worth.

Jennings was a legendary goalkeeper of his time, and he was getting bulky salaries from every team that he joined.

Pat Jennings Giving Thumbs Up After A Match
Pat Jennings Giving Thumbs Up After A Match (Source: X)

Patrick Anthony Jennings CBE was born on June 12, 1945, in North Ireland. Widely known for his aggressive stance in one-on-one situations, Patrick is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time

He is one of the very few players who has played for two of the biggest rivals of the premier league (Arsenal and Tottenham). 

Patrick is also considered a legend as despite playing as a goalkeeper; he was able to score a goal in the 1967 FA Charity Shield against Manchester United.

Jennings was calm and assured, and his positional sense meant he rarely needed to resort to the pressure.

He was simply in the right spot at the right time to intercept crosses or deflect shots.

They appointed Patrick MBE in 1976, OBE in 1987, and CBE in 2023, all in recognition of his contributions to soccer.

Pat Jennings Net Worth And Salary Across The Years 

The total net worth of Pat Jennings is expected to be around two to three million dollars after we take his total career earnings and assets into consideration.

Pat has been a legendary goalkeeper from a very young age. However, life has not always been sunshine and rainbows for him. 

With a large family of 11 members, it was necessary for him to make contributions as well.

Pat Jennings About To Start The Play From The Goal Lines
Pat Jennings About To Start The Play From The Goal Lines (Source: TheSun)

When he was 15, he left school to go work in a linen factory. There, he would earn $14.89 a week.

Pat would take this money and put it on the table where his mother could find it. As soon as he discovered his passion for soccer, he immediately joined the Irish Youth Team. 

The player was just 17 years old and was earning $28.12 a week. However, he says that he would have played for free. 

When Tottenham approached to take him away from Wattford, they offered him $42.79 a week. A sum that the player was already earning in Watford with bonuses. 

In 1977, the Spurs sold him to their rivals, Arsenal, at a cut-off price of $48901.40. The reason was that they feared he could leave the club for free. 

This was because there was a rule that if a player had been at a club for five years, they were free to leave. 

Additionally, he was playing at $18338.02 a year for the Spurs. His move to Arsenal meant that he would be getting $24450.70 a year.

Belfast Honors Pat With A Statue After Recent Collapse

Pat saw the unveiling of his statue in Newry, his hometown. This was after the medical staff rushed him to the hospital after falling ill in a match between Chelsea and the Spurs. 

Reports indicate that Pat suddenly collapsed in the stands, and the stadium’s medical staff promptly attended to him.

The incident took place on Tuesday, and the doctors immediately said that he was in a stable condition the next day. They had given him permission to attend the unveiling of his statue in Belfast.

Pat Jennings Showing Off His Newly Unvieled Statue
Pat Jennings Showing Off His Newly Unveiled Statue (Source: X)

Furthermore, former Northern Ireland players Billy Hamilton and Gerry Armstrong, along with ex-Tottenham star Ledley King, were present.

He reflected on his remarkable 60-year career in football and emphasized the significance of the statue being in his hometown.

His wife Eleanor and children were also present at the ceremony, along with other family members. A local singer dedicated a song to Pat’s honor and to remember the occasion. 

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