Patrick Montel Epouse: All About His Wife And Kids

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When discussing Patrick Montel epouse, one marriage doesn’t cover his romantic journey. This charismatic figure has walked down the aisle not once but twice. Delve deeper into the life of this romantic to discover more.

Montel proudly boasts the title of a father to three children, and interestingly, two of them are his biological offspring, while the third is the daughter of his second spouse.

Patrick Montel Taking A Picture With His Book
Patrick Montel Taking A Picture With His (Source: Instagram)

Patrick Montel was born on February 15, 1953 in Paris. He is a French sports journalist who worked for France Télévisions.

Montel has received much criticism on the internet, yet he remains enthusiastic about his career.

In 1983, the sixty-year-old abandoned his secure teaching career at Créteil’s Léon Blum High School to join the media network.

He conducts this work, which he calls a passion, to honor his friend Dominique Duvauchelle. His friend had died in a vehicle accident at the age of 29.

While behind the microphone, he passionately expresses his feelings to viewers as an admirer of performance and sportsmanship.

Patrick Montel established a collaborative Facebook page in his name in 2016 to convey the emotions that athletics offers.

Furthermore, he has the ability to extract tales about athletes’ lives from recorded life or video interviews.

On November 8, 2020, he announced his retirement from media business on the show Stade 2 after a 33-year career.

Who Is Patrick Montel Epouse (Wife) And Children? Do We Know His Wife Name? 

Despite being very comfortable with the spotlight, Patrick Montel prefers to keep his wife’s name, or Epouse in French, a big secret. 

There is not a lot of information about Patrick and his spouse (wife) on the internet. But he has revealed that he got married two times, implying he has two epouse. 

Talking about his children, the reporter claims that he has three of them. Two of them are his own, while one is the daughter of his second wife. 

Even though she may not be his own blood, Montel claims that he loves his third daughter very much and ensures she has everything she needs. 

When you put all the children of his children together, he has a total of “seven grandkids.” He jokingly said it might just be enough to assemble a handball team. 

Patrick Montel With Who Could Have Been His Epouse Marie Jo
Patrick Montel With Who Could Have Been His Epouse Marie Jo (Source: Instagram)

However, he lives a complicated family life as he cannot always be there for all of them. 

There were times when it was hard for his wives, children, and grandchildren. And not being there for them makes it harder for him. 

Montel was in the media industry for a long time, which kept him away from his family, even on weekends and vacations. 

It’s not like he does not love his spouse (wife) and children; he loves them very much. But he was passionate and invested so much in his job that he couldn’t give them enough time. 

Montel’s Childhood Love Is An Olympian

Montel was hopelessly in love with the French track runner Marie-José Pérec. He has followed every step of her career since he was 15. 

Montel even mentioned her in his book, claiming he was “madly in love” with her. 

Marie-José Pérec was born on 9 May 1968 in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. Sébastien Foucras, her husband, and she now have one child together.

Patrick Montel Controversies

Montel could be considered a “controversy magnet” as he would constantly be in the center of it.

In 2019, Montel commented on the withdrawal of cross-country skier Clémence Calvin from an anti-doping test in a video that lasted more than a quarter-hour on France Télévisions.

Decathlon world champion Kevin Mayer later engaged in an online spat with him. Mayer was furious, and after a couple of days, he vented his anger through a Twitter post.

Patrick Montel With A Fan Dressed In Avatar Costume
Patrick Montel With A Fan Dressed In Avatar Costume (Source: Instagram)

Montel declared in that video that doping concerns “not all athletes but a large part of the athletes ” and affirms that this practice “is an inherent part of the system.”

He faced serious criticism because of these claims. Later, Montel was sanctioned by the sports management of France Télévisions and was removed from commentary for the 2019 Paris Marathon.

Track runner Christine Arron accused him of sexism, alleging Montel was very bad or reluctant to provide good expertise.

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