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As the South African golfer made an impressive statement with a flying start at the Amundi Evian Championship, curiosity has sparked among people, leading them to inquire about Paula Reto parents.

The Reto family is a support system that has been pivotal in shaping the golfer’s journey to greatness. 

Let’s learn about the life of Paula Reto’s parents and family, who have been her pillars of strength throughout her remarkable career.

Paula Reto Won Her First LPGA Tour Tournament At The 2022 Canadian Women's Open
Paula Reto Won Her First LPGA Tour Tournament At The 2022 Canadian Women’s Open (Source: Instagram)

Paula Reto, a South African professional golfer, plays on the LPGA Tour and has made a mark in the world of golf. 

Reto, born on May 3, 1990, in Cape Town, South Africa, is well known for her LPGA Tour win at the 2022 Canadian Women’s Open.

Growing up, she played field hockey and ran track during her youth. It was only in 2005 that Reto was introduced to the world of golf at the age of 16.

She played collegiate golf with the Purdue Boilermakers women’s golf team and was a 2010 NCAA National Championship team member.

Likewise, Reto turned professional in 2013 as she qualified for the LPGA Tour on her first attempt.

Paula Reto Parents: Belinda And Tony Reto

Paula Reto’s rise to success wouldn’t have been possible without the constant support of her parents, Belinda and Tony Reto.

Belinda and Tony have been instrumental in nurturing her passion for golf from a young age.

Reto comes from a family with a long history of white African descent. Reportedly, Tony Reto, Paula’s dad, currently resides in South Africa.

The golfer credits her dad as the individual who influenced her career the most. She played golf with her father, who taught her everything he knew and the sport. 

She calls herself a ‘daddy’s girl’ despite Tony’s rare appearance on her Instagram feed.

Paula Reto Family
Paula Reto Family (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Paula Reto’s mom Belinda is ever present to support her daughter through tours and championships.

Belinda not only makes appearances in Reto’s games but also helps balance her life off the course.

The player likes spending time with her mother and goes on lunch dates as well as to the shooting range together.

Paula Reto Sister: Monique Reto

Monique Reto is the younger sister of the South African golfer. Born on 9 April 2001, Monique is also a Cape Town native.

Paula’s little sister is a Nova Southeastern University student who studies Education & Management.

At the same time, Monique also works as Student Director & Event Coordinator at her university.

In light of her Facebook bio, the J.P. Taravella High School graduate currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida.

Paula Reto Is 11 Years Older Than Her SIster Monique
Paula Reto Is 11 Years Older Than Her SIster Monique (Source: Instagram)

The sisters share a strong bond and are the closest among the siblings. The older sister has been a constant source of inspiration and support for the younger one.

They even spent the quarantine with each other and had fun together amidst the hard times of Covid.

Likewise, Monique and their mother are frequently present on Paula’s social media handle.

Their bond as siblings demonstrates the power of familial ties in fostering success and emotional well-being.

Meet The Rest Of The Family

Alongside her parents and sister, Paula has two elder brothers in her family. She is the third of four children, her brothers being Llewellyn and Miguel.

Llewellyn Human Reto lives in their native country of South Africa. He currently resides in Bloemfontein, Free State, and is engaged to his partner Anneke Smit.

He is an entrepreneur and business owner who owns a company named BLOEM AIR LEC and has been running it since 2012.

Paula’s other brother Miguel Reto is a fellow Florida resident. He is a graduate of Civil Engineering from Florida Atlantic University.

Lastly, Paula Reto’s journey to success as a professional golfer has been marked by the steadfast support of her entire family.

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