Paula Reto Husband: Is She Married Or Dating Anyone?

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South African professional golfer Paula Reto does not have a husband yet. The beautiful athlete in her thirties is often rumored to be in a relationship, but not without conclusive evidence.

Reto, too, does not want to speak up about her private life and lets the media gossip. She is okay with gossiping as long as it does not affect her professional life.

But the question remains. Is she truly in a relationship? Read this article further to know more!

The South African Professional Golfer Paula Reto
The South African Professional Golfer Paula Reto (Source: Golf Channel)

Although Paula had an athletic spirit from the beginning, she was more into field hockey and track racing initially. She only began playing golf when she reached fifteen in 2005.

Before that, she had some knowledge about golfing, but she never considered having a career in the sport. 

Her interest in golfing reached new heights while pursuing her undergraduate degree at Purdue University. With them, she became the NCAA champion in 2010.

Apart from winning several honors during college, she won the Mary Fossum Award in 2013. That same year, she qualified for the LPGA tour and has since been playing as a professional golfer.

Paula Reto won her first and only LPGA Tour Trophy in 2022 at the Canadian Women’s Open, defeating her Canadian opponent Brooke Henderson, who was initially considered the tournament’s favorite.

Is Paula Dating Someone?

Being a famous sports figure, Paula Reto is not far from relationship rumors and gossiping. The thing is that her name has never been romantically associated with anyone until now.

Even her fans who want well for her are curious to know if she is dating someone. However, Paula does not think her private life is more important than her professional life.

Paula Reto
Paula Reto (Source: Golf Digest)

The career-focused athlete prefers questions related to her games rather than her relationship status, and she is pretty good at handling the situation whenever the media asks her about her love life.

Analyzing all these and going through her social media profile, it seems that Paula Reto is not dating anyone. 

Paula And Her Siblings Attended High School In The U.S.

Paula Reto was born on May 3, 1990, to her parents, Tony And Belinda Reto, in Cape Town, South Africa. Besides her, Paula’s parents had given birth to her three siblings-a younger sister and two older brothers.

Paula enjoyed watching cricket and playing field hockey with her siblings while she was young. Her older brothers, Miguel and Llewellyn, were sports fanatics, so the younger sisters learned from them.

Paula Reto's Younger Sister Monique Reto
Paula Reto’s Younger Sister Monique Reto (Source: Instagram)

Llewellyn is passionate about fitness and sports, including football, rugby, and swimming. He is now engaged to his girlfriend Anneke Smit and has been living in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

However, the Reto family has an excellent connection to Florida, United States. Paula migrated to the United States in her teens and attended Coral Springs High School in Florida.

Similarly, her older brother graduated from J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs in 2007. Reto’s younger sister, Monique, also lived in Florida and graduated from J.P. Taravella attended Nova Southeastern University, pursuing a degree in Education and Management.

She has been actively working as Student Director and Event Coordinator at the University since 2020.

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