Pete Weber Wife Tracy Weber: Is He Still Married? Kids & Family

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American bowling sensation Pete Weber lives an enduring and stable marital life with his wife, Tracy.

Additionally, the couple are parents to three children, forming a large and strong family unit.

American Bowler Pete Weber
American Bowler Pete Weber (Source: Sportsnet)

Pete Weber is a professional bowler widely regarded as one of the greatest in the sport’s history.

Born on August 21, 1962, in Missouri, he comes from a family with a rich bowling legacy, as his father, Dick Weber, was also a Hall of Fame bowler.

Some of his notable victories include the PBA Tournament of Champions, the U.S. Open, and the PBA World Championship.

Pete Weber Wife, Tracy

To begin with, the bowler exchanged wedding vows with his wife, Tracy, in 1997. The couple has supported each other in a marital life spanning over two decades.

For professional bowlers, the demands of their sport extend beyond the lanes, making the role of a supportive wife crucial for success.

The physical and mental strain of competition can be alleviated by having a stable partner who understands the challenges and provides unwavering support.

Pete has been fortunate to have Tracy, forming a tight-knit and emotional relationship.

Despite its challenging nature and the skill required, bowling is often not a lucrative sport for many professional players.

Unlike some high-profile sports, bowling lacks the same level of widespread popularity and lucrative sponsorship opportunities, leading to lower prize purses and endorsement deals.

Subsequently, Pete went through a financial crisis in 2011. This was because of a lack of tournaments and a downturn in form.

Pete Weber Wife Tracy
Pete Weber Wife, Tracy (Source: YouTube)

On a positive spin, Tracy took on the responsibilities at this rough time. She returned to work in 2011 with a building components company. While content in her job, it hindered her ability to accompany him regularly on his travels.

Similarly, appreciating her graft, Pete described the downturn in the financial situation in an interview with Sportsnet.

“I hate her not being out here every week. But that’s something I have to live with because of the financial deal.”

Whether it be in sports or personal hardships, their unity and resilience have been remarkable and exemplary. Their marriage has been an example of enduring love, creating a lasting and heartwarming connection.

Adding another layer to their relationship is the role of parenthood. The couple are parents to three children and grandparents to twins.

Their children are Nicole, Ashley Marie, and Troy. Nicole and Ashley Marie are kids from the previous marriage of Pete Webber.

He Was Married To DeeDee

Pete has not always had a stable romantic life. Going through a tumultuous time in his personal life, he was married once before he met Tracy.

The bowler met his first wife, DeeDee, when they were in high school. However, he had personal challenges and addictions, and the marriage was not smooth sailing.

Although his accomplishments in the bowling alley made him an international superstar, he nearly threw away everything he had.

Pete Weber Was Previously Married To DeeDee
Pete Weber Was Previously Married To DeeDee (Source: Sportsnet)

Over several years, Weber wasted around $200,000 on the substance and started displaying aggressive behavior toward adversaries.

In 1984, he checked into the White Deer Treatment Center in Lonedell, Missouri, for a month-long rehabilitation, successfully quitting hard drugs. However, a year later, he resumed drinking.

Subsequently, this lifestyle had ill effects on his personal life, and his marriage with DeeDee ended in a divorce.

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