Ryan Barnes Bowling Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The Bowler?

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Ryan Barnes Bowling Age: The bowler, fueled by his family’s passion for bowling, reached the TV finals of the Players Championship in Wichita.

The American bowler Ryan Barnes has made a name for himself in the bowling championship at a young age.

Crediting his parents, both champions in bowling, he acknowledges that he was able to reach where he is today.

American Bowling Champion Ryan Barnes
American Bowling Champion Ryan Barnes (Source: Instagram)

Ryan Barnes comes from a family with a background of bowling champions.

Joining the Shocker Bowling program as a member of the developmental team, Barnes averaged 189 over 15 games.

As a junior, Barnes secured a spot on the selected team through fall tryouts.

He participated in 10 events and averaged 215 over 51 games.

Likewise, during the season, he earned a spot on the All-Tournament Team twice, securing second place at the SWIBC V and first place at the SWIBC IV.

Similarly, as a senior, Barnes played a crucial role in bowling in the fourth spot as the Shockers secured the 13th National Championship in school history at the end of the season.

Ryan Barnes Bowling Age And Wikipedia:

An American national, Ryan Barnes belongs to a white family in Dallas, Texas.

Born in May 2002, Ryan is the son of Chris and Lynda Barnes.

As of the year 2024, Ryan Barnes, along with his twin brother Troy Barnes, is 21 years old.

Before transitioning to bowling, Ryan used to play basketball and was exploring opportunities to play in Division II and III.

Ryan Barnes With Father Chris Barnes
Ryan Barnes With Father Chris Barnes (Source: Instagram)

His parents always instilled belief in him that he could achieve more in bowling.

He has made significant progress as he follows in his parent’s footsteps.

A senior at Wichita State, he is pursuing a major in Sport Management and a minor in Psychology, focusing on Esports.

The Bowler Champion’s Son On Television

Raised by two Hall-of-Fame bowlers, Ryan Barnes is more aware than most college seniors of the improbability of his run this week at the PBA Players Championship in Wichita.

Reaching a televised final is challenging for an experienced pro bowler. 

However, doing so as a college senior, which Ryan Barnes can accomplish, is almost unheard of.

Ryan, one of the current Wichita State bowling team seniors, has advanced to the five-person stepladder finals scheduled for 4 p.m. Monday.

A national broadcast on television will feature the championship rounds.

Moreover, an anticipated pro-WSU crowd is expected to pack the building to cheer on the Wichita State underdog story.

Ryan Barnes The Helmer Cup National Champion
Ryan Barnes, The Helmer Cup National Champion (Source: Instagram)

Before qualifying for the finals, Ryan Barnes was trailing BJ Moore by 43 pins for the final berth on the pre-finale show.

Requiring three straight strikes in the 10th frame of the first qualifying match on Saturday, Barnes calmly delivered each time to advance.

After both players started with a strike and three spares, Barnes saw an opportunity open up and used it when Moore had a disastrous open frame.

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