Peter Crouch Parents: Who Are Bruce And Jayne Crouch?

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Peter Crouch was born in a middle-class family to parents Bruce and Jayne Crouch. Bruce serves as an executive creative director at a London-based advertising agency.

However, the mother of the PL legend, Jane, has kept a low profile; as a result, not much is known about her.

Moreover, his father, Bruce, would consistently attend Peter’s sporting events despite his busy schedule. Peter’s father was always aware of his potential to achieve greatness.

The Former Professional Soccer Player Peter Crouch
The Former Professional Soccer Player Peter Crouch (Source: Facebook)

The English former professional soccer player is one of 33 players to have scored 100 or more Premier League goals.

Crouch has played for several top-level clubs like Hotspurs, Liverpool, Southampton, Aston Villa, and many more.

However, his significant club achievement came with ‘the Reds’ Liverpool, where he claimed FA Cup and FA Community Shield.

There he was UEFA Champions League runner-up (2006-07) along with the 2005 FIFA Club World Championship runner-up.

The English striker has been in the 2006 and 2010 world cup squads for England’s senior team. His first competitive world cup goal came in the 2006 World Cup against Trinidad and Tobago.

After taking retirement at the age of 38 in 2019, the former striker is working for BT Sport and Amazon Prime.

Peter Crouch Parents

Peter Crouch was born to parents Jayne and Bruce Crouch when they were 21 years old. His father, Bruce, uprooted their family and relocated to Singapore right after his birth.

Crouch was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, but when he was a year old, his family moved to Singapore. His Fulham-born father Bruce accepted a position at a Singaporean advertising business, which led to the relocation.

After three years in Southeast Asia, the Crouch family returned to England when Bruce turned down the opportunity to work in Australia.

Before moving to Harrow on the Hill, they first spent some time living at a YMCA in Tottenham. Crouch started playing soccer with Northolt Hotspurs while attending Roxeth Primary and North Ealing Primary.

More On His Father

The father of Peter Crouch, Bruce is an executive creative director at an advertising agency called Hatch London.

Bruce also works independently and in close touch with clients as a freelance creative consultant, offering the necessary direction and consultations.

Peter Crouch's Father Bruce Crouch
Peter Crouch’s Father Bruce Crouch (Source: Campaign US)

Peter, who is 6 feet 7 inches tall, inherited his father’s height as well as his self-assurance and extroverted demeanor. Bruce is only two inches shorter than his son.

Peter’s dad spoke the unvarnished truth. If he made a mistake during a game, Bruce would be honest with him. But no matter how he performed, his mother would always compliment him.

The soccer legend would talk to his mother Jayne Crouch, whenever he lacked self-assurance. However, he turned to his father when he needed to hear the truth.

Peter Crouch Parents Were Chelsea Fans

Peter Crouch was raised in a Chelsea-supporting household. His mother and father were ardent supporters of the London club.

His parents would frequently bring Peter to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea play. They even chose to send Peter to the club in light of his passion for soccer.

When the former striker was just eleven years old, he worked as a ball boy for Chelsea Football Club.

Despite being raised by the Chelsea supporters, Peter was always allowed to pick the team of his choice. 

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