Philip Rivers Brother Stephen Rivers: Siblings Inspiring Each Other

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Philip Rivers brother Stephen Rivers also started as a football player but later went to the sports administrative field. The brothers share a strong passion for football.

Stephen Rivers, the younger brother of NFL veteran Philip Rivers, has faced challenges living up to his brother’s success.

While Philip has achieved notable accolades and a successful NFL career, Stephen’s productivity has been less impressive.

At 32 years old, Philip played for the San Diego Chargers. He has excelled with numerous Pro Bowl appearances, an NFL record for consecutive 400-yard passing games, and recognition as the 2013 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

In contrast, at 21 years old, Stephen plays for the Vanderbilt Commodores. His 2014 season has been affected by injuries, and his team’s performance has been less successful, ranking last in the SEC.

Philip Rivers & Stephen Rivers
Philip Rivers & Stephen Rivers (Source: Wikipedia)

While Philip has impressive statistics, Stephen’s numbers have been limited, with fewer passing yards, touchdowns, and more interceptions.

While Philip played with accomplished teammates like Malcolm Floyd, Justin Herbert, and Antonio Gates as his favorite targets, Stephen faced the challenges of opposing defensive backs.

Nonetheless, Stephen continues striving to carve his path in sports administration, even with the pressure of being Philip’s brother.

Moreover, the brothers support each other in their careers and share a love of sports. 

Did Philip Rivers, Brother Stephen Rivers, Go To NFL?

Stephen Rivers is a driven professional with a strong educational background in sports administration.

With a degree in Sports Administration-Commerce from Louisiana State University (LSU), where he also excelled as a student-athlete in football, Stephen brings a wealth of experience and valuable life lessons to his career.

Currently serving as an Account Manager at Rusken Packaging, Inc., he utilizes his adaptability and passion for learning to excel in his role.

Philip Rivers Brother Of Stephen Rivers
Philip Rivers Brother Of Stephen Rivers (Source:

Stephen’s commitment to personal growth is evident with a master’s degree in Sports Administration from Northwestern State University.

Before that, he completed graduate studies at Vanderbilt University and gained practical experience as an Operations Manager at D1 Sports Training.

With an adequate sales, operations, and sports management foundation, Stephen contribute significantly to his professional ambitions.

Philip Rivers Wife Tiffany

Philip Rivers and Tiffany, high school sweethearts from Alabama, have built a large family together.

Rivers chose N.C. State for football, and Tiffany joined him there.

Philip Rivers Brother Stephen Rivers During His Collegiate Career
Philip Rivers Brother Stephen Rivers During His Collegiate Career (Source: Facebook)

They married and had their first child during college since Rivers is balancing his football career and family life, finding joy in both.

They are excited to welcome their tenth child and cherish the love and excitement their growing family brings.

Will Philip Stop At 10th Upcoming Child?

Philip Rivers and his wife, Tiffany, have taken their commitment to a large family seriously.

In a 2020 interview, Philip mentioned that they didn’t have a specific number in mind when it came to having children; their growing family is a testament to that.

With nine children, they are set to welcome their tenth child in October 2023.

Philip Rivers Wife Tiffany & Their Nine Kids
Philip Rivers Wife Tiffany & Their Nine Kids (Source: Page Six)

The Rivers family consists of seven girls, Halle (21), Caroline (18), Grace (17), Sarah (13), Rebecca (9), Clare (7), and Anna (4), as well as two boys, Gunner (15) and Peter (11).

Their expanding family showcases their joy in raising children and their dedication to embracing the blessings of a large household.

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