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Pop Isaacs Dad: Pop Isaacs’ love and interest in playing basketball have been primarily influenced by his dad.

Guard Pop Isaacs comes from a big family of seven members, including his parents, siblings, and himself.

Pop Isaacs has always loved playing basketball; his parents and siblings have consistently supported him.

Texas Tech Basketball Guard Pop Isaacs
Texas Tech Basketball Guard Pop Isaacs (Source: Instagram)

Born on August 24, 2003, basketball guard Pop Isaacs began playing basketball very young.

At Coronado High School, Isaacs posted an average of 23 points and 5 rebounds per game during his senior year.

Furthermore, he earned the Southern Nevada Offensive Player of the Year title and achieved Tarkanian Classic First-Team Honors.

Similarly, he secured a gold medal while playing for the USA Basketball U16 team before joining Texas Tech in the 2022-23 season.

Currently, the Big 12 All-Freshman Team honors title winner plays in the guard position for the Texas Tech men’s basketball team.

Who Are Pop Isaacs Dad And Mom?

The 20 years old point guard Pop Isaacs is the son of Rick Isaacs and Jennifer Kelly.

His father, Richard Isaacs Sr., formerly coached basketball and managed one of the most successful AAU programs in Los Angeles.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a nationwide sports organization in the United States. AAU represents amateur athletes in various sports.

These programs offer young athletes opportunities to compete at a higher level and to gain exposure to college scouts.

Moreover, Isaacs learned the game from his father, who would bring him to AAU practices. This made the sport a part of the boy’s daily regimen.

Pop Isaacs In Signing Event With Dad, Mother And Sister
Pop Isaacs In Signing Event With Dad, Mother, And Sister (Source: Coronado Cougars)

Pop once expressed gratitude for his father’s influence and gratitude for what sometimes can be tough love.

Similarly, according to her social media, Pop Isaacs’s mother, Jennifer Kelly, is a certified medical assistant.

His mother shows an extreme level of support towards the basketball player. She frequently posts about her son’s games and achievements.

In addition to Pop, he has four other siblings. They include three brothers named Tremaine Tatum, Jermaine Tatum, and Deric Isaacs, and a sister named Phoenix Perry.

Why Was The Basketball Player Named Pop?

While the name Pop Isaacs might sound familiar to some, it is not his real name; his actual name is Richard Corey Isaacs.

Not many people call him Richard, as everyone is familiar with the name Pop.

Isaacs’s parents and siblings have been calling him Pop or Pop Pop as a nickname since he was a child.

His father once said,

”He was only about 2-years-old but would be dribbling these little basketballs in our kitchen all the time.”

“After a while, I’d joke and say, ‘Damn it, Pop Pop, stop making all that noise’. We started calling him Pop Pop. It just stuck.”

Guard Pop Isaacs Practicing
Guard Pop Isaacs Practicing (Source: Instagram)

Later, as he began his professional career, everyone, including his friends, also adopted a habit of referring to him as Pop Pop.

Therefore, he decided to stick with his professional name as Pop Isaacs instead of Richard.

Now, he can’t imagine being introduced as Richard. Pop says only his parents use that name for him now.

Additionally, even though other names such as Little Pop Pop, Rickey, and Rick Jr. were used or suggested, he kept it simple and went with Pop.

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