Priscilla Hon Parents: Who Are Ming And Connie?

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Australian professional tennis player Priscilla Hon is the daughter of Chinese-Australian parents Ming and Connie Hon. Her parents migrated to Australia from Hong Kong around 1996.

Priscilla remembers trying out every sport as a kid, including swimming and running, but she eventually preferred tennis. Her dad, Ming, was a tennis fan, so he started coaching her tennis when she was just five.

She started traveling around the world for her tennis tours at age 12. Now in her mid-twenties, she is grateful to her parents for accompanying her throughout her tennis journey and helping her become one of the young tennis stars today.

Australian Professional Tennis Player Priscilla Hon
Australian Professional Tennis Player Priscilla Hon (Source: LinkedIn)

Priscilla Hon made her Grand Slam debut in 2016 at eighteen, playing in the Australian Open after winning the U-18 National Championships in December 2015.

She encountered veteran German tennis player Annika Beck in the first round, where she lost in straight sets.

Since then, Priscilla has made many Grand Slam appearances, but her highest achievement is reaching the second round of the French and Australian Opens, respectively, in 2019 and 2020.

Besides, Priscilla has a good record in ITF tournaments, with eight singles and eleven doubles titles. Additionally, she has already won over $1 million as prize money from her professional tennis career.

Priscilla Hon Parents: Ming And Connie Hon

Priscilla Hon was born to her parents, Ming and Connie Hon, on May 10, 1998, in Brisbane, Australia. Her parents had migrated to Australia in the hope of a better life only two years before her birth.

Besides her, her parents had two daughters, Joannah and Hannah, born in Hong Kong. 

Priscilla Hon With Her Parents And Siblings
Priscilla Hon With Her Parents And Siblings (Source: ABC)

Ming and Connie had initially thought of settling in Canada but changed their minds after they had a short trip to Australia in 1994. However, most of their family members, including Priscilla’s grandparents, live in Hong Kong.

Priscilla and her parents think their move to Australia early on has proved fruitful for them. Growing up, her parents could afford to provide everything for their daughters, including well-facilitated sports training centers.

As a result, Priscilla got the opportunity to try her luck in almost every popular sport in Australia, including rugby, sprinting, and swimming.

Despite raising their kids in Australia, Connie, Ming, and their daughters frequently travel to Hong Kong. 

Now that she has become a busy professional athlete, she rarely gets to be with her parents. Priscilla says she likes returning home to Brisbane whenever she is not on tours and enjoying Asian feasts with her parents.

Priscilla Hon And Maxime Cressy: Are They In A Relationship?

Rumors about Australian tennis player Priscilla Hon and Maxime Cressy dating were circulated on the Internet, but none had spoken about the matter publicly.

Finally, on April 19, 2023, Priscilla Hon and Maxime Cressy posted pictures of them together on their Instagram handles, confirming their relationship.

Priscilla Hon And Her Boyfriend Maxime Cressy
Priscilla Hon And Her Boyfriend, Maxime Cressy (Source: Instagram)

Maxime Cressy is a French-American professional tennis player. Born on May 8, 1997, in Paris, Maxime was previously a French citizen but chose to represent the United States after obtaining U.S. citizenship in 2018.

Cressy holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from UCLA and resides in Hermosa Beach, California. An emerging international tennis star, Maxime currently ranks at No. 31 in the ATP rankings as of this writing.

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