Pro Foosball Player’s Daughter Kelsey Cook Boyfriend Is Comedian Chad Daniels

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Kelsey Cook boyfriend, Chad Daniels, first met the comedian in 2020. The daughter of pro foosball player Kathy Brainard and former Yo-Yo player Chris Cook, Kelsey is also a professional foosball player. 

Kelsey has previously shown her foosball skills in her show, Wrists of Fury, where she would challenge her guests to a game of foosball. This was also the show that brought Kelsey and Chad together. 

Kelsey And Chad Pictured During The Vikings Vs 49ers Game In October 2023
Kelsey And Chad Pictured During The Vikings Vs. 49ers Game In October 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Recently, a TikTok video went viral where Kelsey was doing a stand-up gig, and the audience sitting in the front row turned out to be her boyfriend’s biggest fan. In the video, Kelsey also shared she had moved to Minnesota to live with him. 

Chad Daniels is a well-known name in the comedy world and has seen his albums reach the top 10 on the Billboard comedy charts. The couple has recently even begun their podcast. 

Kelsey Cook Boyfriend: Meet Comedian Chad Daniels 

Kelsey Cook and her famous boyfriend began their podcast Pretend Problems a couple of months back in November. The episodes are currently being uploaded on Chad’s YouTube Channel. 

Kelsey and Chad’s fans might’ve seen the two fall in love in front of their eyes back in 2020. As some of you might know, Kelsey previously had a foosball web series called Wrists of Fury.

She began the web series in 2018, and two years later, for the very first time, Kelsey met Chad in one of its episodes. In the episode “Chad Daniels Meets Kelsey Cook For The First Time,” the two began the show talking about Chad’s introduction to foosball and a little about his family life. 

Kelsey And Chad Began Their Podcast Pretend Problems In November 2023
Kelsey And Chad Began Their Podcast Pretend Problems In November 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The fans who are now revisiting the video after it became public knowledge that the two are dating are seen leaving comments about how they had the spark from the very beginning. 

Kelsey confirmed her relationship with Chad last year in March. Daniels is a veteran in his field, having begun his comedy career in 1998 in Minneapolis. 

Chad was previously married and has two kids from his first relationship, a son and a daughter. His kids have been featured on his Instagram several times. 

Last year, in November, Chad Daniels released his latest special, “Mixed Reviews,” which he taped in 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin. In the special, Chad can be seen taking a jab at both sides of the political fence.

It’s been two months since Daniels and his friend Cy Amundson last uploaded their podcast “Middle of Somewhere,” where he revealed he will tape his new special at St. Paul’s Fitzgerald Theater.

Kelsey And Her Divorce With Kane Holloway

Like Chad, Kelsey, too, was previously married. Cook had tied the knot with comedian Kane Holloway. In 2019, the two previously talked about their relationship in the podcast “Don’t Make Me Come Back Here.”

At the time, the hosts introduced them as an engaged couple planning their wedding. In the episode, Kane and Kelsey reveal that it was their second time getting engaged. The former couple were previously engaged eight months into their relationship, which Kane’s family thought was too fast.

Kelsey Was Previously Married To Comedian Kane Holloway
Kelsey Was Previously Married To Comedian Kane Holloway (Source: Instagram)

At the time, Kelsey was 22, and Kane was 25. In the podcast, the two said they look back at that time and think they moved on too fast in the engagement bracket. 

But during the first time they got engaged, Kelsey said their relationship turned sour. The two said they would constantly fight. So, Kane decided to call off their wedding. 

Their second engagement happened six years after their first engagement ended. Kelsey said that this time around, they had put in lot of thought behind it. 

A few months after the podcast was released, Kelsey and Kane tied the knot on July 11, 2019. But in a podcast in 2021, Kelsey talked about her divorce with Kane. Before going to the podcast, Kelsey revealed they had divorced before the pandemic. 

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