Raimel Tapia Bio: Origin, Baseball & Net Worth

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Generally, baseball is popular in America, which is North America. Most of the Major League Baseball players are American citizens, but MLB has also made room for foreign players.

Raimel Tapia is one lucky player to make it to the MLB. Tapia’s par excellence performance in his own country, the Dominican Republic, has led Raimel to play in the major league.

According to sources, 27% of the total MLB players are foreign-born. The Dominicans are on the list to be selected for the MLB, among other countries.

MLB has players from countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Canada, South Korea, and many more.

The athletic build, Tapia is a Dominican baseball player. He plays as an outfielder for the Colorado Rockies in the MLB. Raimel started his MLB career in 2010, playing in the Rookie-level Pioneer League.

Eventually, Tapia started his professional baseball career with the MLB in 2016 after promoting the Major League.

Tapia, the MLB star, comes from a different cultural background with a unique upbringing, yet his performance is the same in the field as every other American teammate.

Raimel Tapia, a Dominican Baseball Player
Raimel Tapia, a Dominican Baseball Player

In addition to a successful baseball career, Tapia is a simple guy who likes farming and takes care of his animals in his free time.

Moreover, Raimel is a devoted player who is thankful to the people who have helped him settle in the States. With hard work and determination, Raimel is likely to sharpen his craft and raise his worth and popularity.

Before discussing further, let’s check quick facts about this Dominican baseball player.

Raimel Tapia: Quick Facts

Full Name Raimel Antonio Tapia Linarez
Birth Date February 4, 1994
Birth Place San Pedro De Macoris, Dominican Republic
Nick Name Not Available
Religion Christian
Nationality Dominican
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Horoscope Aquarius
Current Team Colorado Rockies
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age 30 Years Old
Weight 73 kg (160 lbs)
Height 6’2″ (1.91 m)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Not Available
Build Muscular
Married No
Profession Professional Baseball Player
Position Left Outfielder
Children No
Net Worth $1 million
Retirement Active
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merch Jersey, Autograph, Rookie Card
Last Update April, 2024

Where is Raimel from? Early Life and Education

Almost 83% of MLB players are Americans; the rest, 27%, are foreigners. Out of 27%, Raimel comes from a beautiful country, the Dominican Republic, which is a Caribbean nation, situated two hours south of Miami and almost four hours away from New York.

Moreover, the Dominican Republic is famous for tourism consisting of exotic beaches, resorts, and golfing locations.

The talented outfielder Tapia brings cultural variation to MLB, but he plays baseball with the same passion as everyone else.

Raimel Tapia | Age| Weight | Height | Horoscope

The baseball star, Raimel, was born on February 4, 1994, in San Pedro De Macoris, Dominican Republic. Raimel is 30 years old, stands 6 feet and 2 inches tall, and weighs around 73 kg.

Being born on the 4th of February makes Tapia an Aquarius. The Aquarians are usually progressive and intelligent people. They are unique and romantic also.

Raimel Tapia, an athletic figure
Raimel Tapia, an athletic figure

Furthermore, Tapia is Rooster in Chinese Astrology. Roosters are playful and amusing personalities. Often they are honest and loyal to their loved ones.

Tapia | Family | Personal Life | Hobbies

Raimel says he grew up watching his brothers play; watching them play motivated Tapia to become a baseball player.

There is not much written about his parents or brothers. The rising star considers Alfonso Soriano his ideal, whom he admires and who supports him.

 Who is Alfonso Soriano?

Alfonso Soriano is a former baseball player. The Dominican-born star played baseball for the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Nationals.

With 412 career home runs, Alfonso had secured 53rd place on the all-time list when he retired in November 2014.

Alfonso Soriano, a former Dominican MLB player
Alfonso Soriano, a former Dominican MLB player

Moreover, Tapia comes from a family where they have played baseball before. He thinks that they already know what; it is like to be a baseball player; they know what it takes to become a professional baseball player.

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In addition to a few mentions about his family, Tapia said that his brother and brother’s girlfriend helped him in his hard times.

You may want to read about another MLB star, Brian Goodwin.

Favorite Food

In one of the interviews, Tapia talked about cooking and his favorite food. He said that he is not that good cook yet.

Further, Raimel said that he likes to eat cooked food and his favorite food is Locrio, which is rice mixed with pork.


The superb outfielder, Tapia, not only plays basketball, he is an enthusiastic farmer. He has a farm where he has domesticated a lot of animals. Raimel likes to take care of them.

Moreover, Tapia enjoys fishing during his leisure time. He likes being out in nature.

Similarly, Raimel likes Lapiz music, as he sings, referring to the Bible and real life. His favorite song is ‘Atento A Mi 10’, sung by Lapiz.

Tapia | Wife | Girlfriend

Raimel is probably not married yet. Tapia, the baseball star, is young, handsome, and successful, but there is no history of his dating.

Either he is too focused on his career, or he is hiding his special someone. Anything can be right, but we cannot say anything until we know it.

Moreover, Raimel’s female fans must be waiting to sneak into his personal affairs. A little hint from Tapia can make a huge difference for all of his fans.

 Raimel Tapia | Career

Raimel Tapia is a simple guy from the Dominican Republic who probably would never think of playing for the MLB, but he had a number of people who inspired him to be what he is today.

Watching his brothers playing a foreign game and achieving success had sowed dreams in his mind early on.

Tapia started his professional career as a free agent in 2010 with the Colorado Rockies. In 2013, Raimel played with the Grand Junction Rockies and won the title of the league’s player of July.

In addition to Raimel’s first few titles, he was named the #97 prospect in baseball by Baseball Prospectus.

Moreover, the Rockies put him on their 40-man roster after the 2015 season.
Again, Tapia started the 2016 season with the Hartford Yard Goats of the Class AA Eastern League.

He was then promoted to the Albuquerque Isotopes of the Class AAA Pacific Coast League by the Rockies.

Eventually, Raimel made it to the Major Leagues in September 2016. He did not taste major success until 2018, when he hit a two-out, two-strike, and go-ahead pinch grand slam against Arizona Diamondbacks.

It led to a win for the Rockies with 11-10.

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Raimel continued to improve his craft in later years. He looks prepared for more challenges in later years than earlier.

Moreover, 2020 turned out to be a good year for Raimel as he got more playing time after Ian Desmond withdrew due to the Pandemic.

He successfully hit .321, scored 17 runs, and got eight bases in a total of 51 games.

Looking at his baseball history, we are likely to see Raimel playing more and touching greater success horizons in the upcoming years.

MLB Statistics

Batting average .284
Home runs 18
Runs batted in 126

Social Work

Recently, Raimel, one of the fastest baseball players of the Colorado Rockies, has helped out people from his hometown in San Pedro de Macoris during the Covid pandemic.

He donated a large number of supplies to almost 150 families.

Rameil Tapia helping needy
Rameil Tapia helping needy

Moreover, Tapia says that he wants to help others genuinely. He thinks everyone needs help at difficult times. His heart was broken when he realized that people in his hometown did not have food to eat.

Tapia | Net Worth

Playing in the Major Leagues pays off well for most baseball players. Some players make millions of dollars a year, and some others settle for less. If talking about Tapia, he is doing well.

Raimel Tapia has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

With determination and hard work, the young star will likely add more to his name and net worth in the future.
The MLB star, Raimel, has won many hearts with his simplicity and his dedication to his game.

Is Tapia on Social Media?

Tapia is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but his Instagram account is private. We definitely would like to see his account be public. Further, he has used Twitter mostly for professional use.

He has various baseball-related posts on Twitter. There are a few of his videos with his farm animals.

Similarly, on Facebook, Tapia has posts related to his friends from his hometown and having good times with his loved ones.

Twitter           3279 followers/77 followings

Instagram      17.3k followers/267 followings

Rimel’s fans would love to know more about his personal life and professional updates on social platforms.

Recent Updates on Injury

Tapia felt a left-hand contusion after his second at-bat in St. Louis in August 2019.

Raimel Tapia exited the game with an injury after crashing into the wall trying to rob Zach McKinstry of a home run on April 3, 2021.

Tapia was out of the starting lineup once again on 19 July 2021, which takes him out of the lineup for four straight games, but he can pinch hit in the coming days if needed.  

The reason is not anything, but he was not feeling well at the moment. He has had just one at-bat this series and playing slowly with a slight catch.

These were just the injuries, but then as of now, thankfully, Tapia hasn’t caught any severe damage that requires any surgery to date.

Common Questions about Tapia

Is Raimel related to Alfonso Soriano?

Not sure. Raimel has mentioned in a few of his interviews that Alfonso Soriano is his brother and Soriano is supportive of his career, but it is hard to tell if they are blood-related.

We are likely to find more about their relationship only if Raimel posts something that says they are related.

Is Tapia dating anyone?

Not sure. Tapia has not talked about his personal affair. Hence, there is no concrete proof of whether he is dating or not.

Well, Tapia has kept his Instagram private; there might be something who knows; it is hidden for now.

His social platforms posts also do not give any clue about his dating history. Tapia’s fans and followers will love to know if he is seeing anyone.

Is Raimel an American?

No. Raimel was born in the Dominican Republic, which is not a part of the United States. She shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

There are many famous Dominican baseball players in the MLB.

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